Thursday, June 21, 2012

making time for mail

Do you remember mail?
You know, the kind that requires stamps and stationary and actual handwriting?  

There are few things I enjoy as much as opening the mailbox
and finding a nice, thick bit of personal mail.

It's the very best kind of surprise.  
You know that someone took the time to choose stationary, buy stamps, track down your address,
put their pen to paper, and send you a little bit of tangible love.
How can you beat that?  

So that's what I did today.
I sent a big ol' pile of tangible love to friends and family, near and far. 

And you?  Who would love to get a letter from you?

The picture above is a weird collage-y thing I made.  I don't actually send mail out with coffee stains on it.  


GraceGal said...

I love this. I used to make it a pint to write letters. Spending too much time online these days. Need to take a break and go write :)

S. Etole said...

Love "real" mail and occasionally send some out. Have a couple of good friends with July birthdays who will likely be the next recipients.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My kids and grandkids are all in other states right now where there husbands/dads are pipelining. I get letters from them all the time and I love it! Eli, who is 6, told me in his last letter that I was the 'supper best grandmother' ! I love it!

Sweet Tea said...

I sent a letter to my Mom today and included some snapshots. I think (and hope) it brightens her day. I'd love to get a letter from my granddolls - it would brighten my day. ;-)

Roban said...
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Roban said...

I finally put a couple of cards I had printed in the mail to my sister. She called me as soon as she got them! Receiving - and sending - real mail definitely brings out a few smiles.

Claire said...

Oh, how I love letters and cards! I always try to make sure I write real snail mail to my friends - always brightens my day!

Mac n' Janet said...

I love letters but have not received one in forever. Do receive lovely card/letters from a cousin of my husband who doesn't own a computer. I love the immediacy of email but miss the real thing.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

First, thank you so much for answering my question, about having the Word Verification Setting on here. Thank you.

I'm so sorry that you somehow attracted hackers/weird-os, with it off. So sorry.

You need it. Of course you have it! Again thank you for telling me.

(Ooops, have to try to get Words right, for the 2nd time....)

"We sat in the garden, I indolently reading...
We had the best display of flowers yet seen--
wall flowers in profusion, columbines, phlox, and...huge scarlet poppies."

~"The Diary of Virginia Woolf"

Jeanne said...

I love to get mail from everyone.
More than words letters mingle souls.

Love Jeanne♥

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I love writing real letters too. But not many people, want to. All they want to do, on a regular basis, is write short notes, back and forth.

Where my idea of a lovely correspondence, is long letters, about what's going on in their lives, and what they are pondering, or reading, or etc.

Old fashioned letters. Could be long, because they waited, till one had time to sit and enjoy them.

Guess blogging, for all its wonders, has wiped us clean of taking time, for anything. It's click, type, send, and on to another Net thing. All of our life, seems to be lived at this same quick, quick, quick pace.


No wonder we complain about "time going too fast"... And about "not enough hours in the day"... We make our own perception of time, this way. That of time moving too fast and there isn't enough of it.

Betcha' if we slowed down...... And make our own decision, about our own perception of time, it might be a wee bit nicer. -sigh-

"We sat in the garden, I indolently reading...
We had the best display of flowers yet seen--
wall flowers in profusion, columbines, phlox, and...huge scarlet poppies."

~"The Diary of Virginia Woolf"

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

It's so true, I really love a letter in the mail box, it make my day!
xo mary jo

Anonymous said...

I used to write letters and send cards to friends & family quite often, but stopped when I realized that my friends & family considered receiving them to be a burden. From their point of view, a letter or a card meant that they had to return the favor. Which translated into more work for them.

So I stopped bothering them with letters and cards, switching to email & texting exclusively. They are happier-- which I guess is the whole point of staying in touch.

Me? I still miss the letters & cards.

beth said...

wow...i do remember mail. i must do this soon myself !

Jennifer Richardson said...

I've missed being able to comment
for awile
...for some reason it hasn't let
me drop in for a few posts.
I'm glad to be able to tell you
how much I appreciate
you in my life:)
I so enjoy you!

susanna said...

Oops! I think I lost my comment so here goes again...

Lucky friends and family, near and far, to receive a letter from you. I enjoy writing letters, too, although I rarely pick up a pen anymore. The fonts in MSWord are just so much neater!

Your family and friends have something nice to look forward to this week, Relyn. :)

Kyra said...

I love receiving hand written mail too, it gives u a feeling of personal touch. I recently received a post card from a friend who was vacationing and it was a wonderful feeling to have been remembered and thought of by some one even when they are far away from you :)

Marilyn said...

Smiling! I received a note in the mail just yesterday. The comment from a new friend said, my daughter's won't believe I am communicating by handwriting a letter and sending it through the mail. What a treat to receive that note.

Pearl Maple said...

Real letters are a sweet surprise in the mail mox. Am developing a workshop on the 'art of writing' because it does brighten eveyone's day.

Sandy K. said...

I used to write letters all the time, and occasionally remember that. Then I try and find the remnants of my stationary stash, and a special pen, and I try to remember how to write legibly. That is the trickies part! And I love receiving letters, from almost anyone, yet the ones I get which I clutch to my heart are from my very dear friend who lives so very far away. Thank you for this post - so much emotion can be tied to something as simple as that "letter."

Amy said...

I do so love real mail. Sigh. Which reminds me, I need to get some letters send myself--it was one of my goals for the year and I've been woefully inept. Sigh.

Lubna said...

oooh, lucky are your friends and family who will receive a thoughtful letter from you.

Jeanie said...

That's a wonderful thing to do! You know, I love the speed of email, but it sure can't beat the excitement of opening a letter, then a card or paper and seeing words on the page! Good for you!

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