Tuesday, June 19, 2012

making time to swim

Remember when you were a kid
and nothing was so wonderful as time at the pool?

Remember the smell of chlorine and the fake 
coconuts that was the scent of every sunscreen?

Remember the shrieks and splashes
and playing teacup and Marco Polo?

Me, too.  
I love to play with my daughter in a pool.

But, when Sloane has a friend with her, 
I usually spend my time in a lounge chair with a magazine. 

Not yesterday.  
Yesterday I got in the pool with the girls to play.

I'm not sure who was more delighted, me or them.
I am pretty sure, though, that the loudest shrieks were mine. 


Jeanne said...

How wonderful and delightful you can share summers with Sloane and have so much fun and enjoyment.

Love Jeanne

Roban said...

Playing in the pool with your daughter ... priceless! Sloan will always remember that, too.

GraceGal said...

I do remember! Such a fun post. Delighted for you :)

Lubna said...

Am glad you jumped in. Sometimes, we do need to ensure that we dive right in!

Anonymous said...

I always loved going to the pool when I was a girl. Glad that you tossed your adult-ness aside & jumped in. Jealous, really. I haven't played in a pool in years.

Debby said...

Good for you. I bet you were alot cooler than sitting in the chair. She will remember this in years to come.

Marilyn said...

I remember like it was just the other day. The pool always has fond memories for me. In fact I still go to the pool every week. Now I just wish I had someone to play with. Now I don't know what playing teacup is, but I certainly remember Marco Polo? I should know what teacup is for sure.

Relyn said...

I mis-spoke. Tea Party, not teacup. It's when everyone goes and sits on the bottom of the pool and has a tea party. Did you ever do that?

Amy said...

Oh yeah, days at the pool were right up there with ice cream from the ice cream truck! :)

Georgianna said...

Aww, I love this!! You make me want to go jump in a pool right now. Good for you for doing it. Such simple, indelible, wonderful memories. Don't forget the chlorine water up the nose! eww!


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