Monday, August 27, 2012

Why don't you...

... shake off your inhibitions?
... sing in public?
... dance exuberantly in your car?
... participate in a poetry slam?
... paint your fingernails in alternating colors or rainbow stripes?
... go line dancing with a few friends?
... sing a lullaby to your love or your grown child?
... try karaoke?
... do something that makes you nervous?
... volunteer for dunking booth at your child's carnival?
... be the loudest one singing "Happy Birthday"?
... wear a hat all day? (one that isn't a baseball cap)
... make funny faces at strangers as you look through a store window?
... wear the macaroni necklace from your child?  All day, and not just till you get in the car.
... actually sing instead of mumble the National Anthem?
... try square dancing, pottery, piano lessons, ballet, belly dancing, theater - whatever it is you've been longing to do?
... remember that you are free, and nobody is laughing?
... decide, "Who cares if they do laugh?"
... be your own best, most silly, happiest self?


rachel awes said...

love your invitation
+ sweet purple hair!
of course, my ownly response
(i first typed "ownly" +
began to change it but realized
i've never written it that way before + it was clearly in response to your invitation + consequently will stick w/it) :),..
is YES!!
xox, sillilly.

Jennifer Richardson said...

why, yes, i do believe i will!
i'm gonna start with dancing in the car again today:)
thanks for the brilliant stir,
(i love your lists)

Amy said...

Love it . . . especially considering life's such a dreadful place without a bit of silliness now and again!

Debby said...

I just spent a whole week being silly.....see my clown post. Your little clown is so cute.

beth said...

hee hee.....i dance in my car all the time !!

Roban said...

I do some of these but could always add a few more to my "to-do" list! Love the idea you shared here.

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I love the picture! I painted my toes green last week...but, I just couldn't adjust. I felt like something from the musical Wicked!

Suz said...

ohhh but i do

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the reminder. I am the loudest when singing Happy Birthday and I sing it to my family even when it isn't the actual day.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

It's the Do something that makes you nervous one that I have trouble doing. And I always know that's the one I need to do the most. Thanks for the reminder.
Hope you had a great summer!
Miss you,

Chris Graham said...

I love your post. I am looking at the list. I want to put a check mark by one of them TODAY as we are waiting for Issac to hit land.

Writer Lady said...

I love the photo. It's a great beginning for a great poem.

I'm blogging about feet today. Come around and see whose feet are on display.

Kyra said...

I wonder why don't people do all that?...I do and it's honestly so much makes life beautiful even with all the cares it comes with.

Jeanie said...

What a glorious face! And you get to see it every day!

Jaime said...

cute cute cute!

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