Monday, September 3, 2012

a sartorial problem

I have a shoe problem.  Or, a foot problem.  Maybe it's a budget problem. 
Whatever I call it - I need shoes.  BADLY!
A recent inventory of my closet yielded a shocking truth:
I own two pair of summer shoes that fit comfortably.  TWO!

Summer is nearly over, but my winter shoe situation isn't much better. 
I own one pair of cowboy boots (too hot till at least November), two pair of black flats, and several pair of gorgeous heels that I only wear to church. 
This, my friends, is a problem. 

I realized how much of a problem when I wore my new (very cheap) red patent leather 
loafers last week. I got a compliment from nearly every person I passed.  
Wow, I kept thinking, I have got to start wearing cute shoes more often. 
OK, time to buy shoes.  No, wait.  I can never find anything that I like and that fits.  UGH!

I hate tying shoes; so I have only slip-ons. 
I can't stand something between my toes; so there go flip-flops.  (Fine by me, I hate them anyway.) 
My arches are super high; so no shoes that come up far on the foot.
My heel is terribly narrow; so backless shoes work best.  

I stand on my feet all day and chase around small children at recess.  
Shoes that are cute and cheap are out because they also must be comfortable.  
Those red loafers had me limping for two days.
See?  I told you - I have a shoe problem!

I want my feet to look like Sarah's.  (See above.)
I need the comfort factor that make my shoes look more like Nurse Ratchett's
What's a girl to do? 

What about you?  Are you a shoe fiend?  Do sacrifice beauty for comfort or the other way around?  What brands are your favorites?  Do tell. 

Photo by Sarah Vickers on Classy Girls Wear Pearls blog.  


Roban said...

I love Sarah's shoes and wish that I could wear them, too. But I'm in your boat and need cute plus comfort. Definitely not Sarah's shoes in my classroom!

I love your new space here. Very clean, light and bright!

Jenny Woolf said...

I never thought my feet were my best feature so don't focus on shoes- so long as they complement my outfit and look unobtrusive, I'm pleased with them.. And they have to be comfortable - although occasionally I do suffer with a pair I like that is sooo uncomfortable.

Tracy said...

Those are PRETTY shoes there at the top! I love cute or pretty shoes... But my feet are small, and shoe shopping isn't always easy. What I like I can't always find, and often feel I end up with frumpy shoes for necessities sake. Can't go barefoot here in Norway in winter, else I would...haha! So while I love shoes aesthetically, the whole hunting for them isn't so much fun. Hence, I'm not so preoccupied with brands, whatever works, usually works for me. :o/ haha... Fun, fresh new look here, Relyn ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Bless Shoe........Love the new look on your blog.........

One shoe can change a life

Love Jeanne♥

d smith kaich jones said...

oh. i like them impractical, but i work for myself, and can kick them off at any time. i own a jillion pairs of flipflops. i love bows and heels and boots, but most of all, i love it when they come off. :)

good luck!!!!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Never was a 'shoe fiend'... ,-)

Have not worn heels 'in a dog's age'. At 75, I need a tie shoe, which helps stability. (Think - "Old Lady" shoes. -grin-_

Would love RED shoes. Have one pair of flats, for rare 'good' wear.

Found a pair of the above-mentioned-'old-lady' shoes, tie and all, nice full toe box too, in Wine Color. Love 'em because they are the closest I can get to red.

And have had to get "good" shoes, forever. Can not-do-life, in cheap shoes. But wear one pair, till they wear out, and then get another.

I'm glad my posting is making you really want Autumn to come. Because, it is coming ya' know. :-)

And now to TRY to do the *dreaded* Word Ver. comment thing... I know, you need it. But it is still hard, and many people just won't even try.

-sigh- And the first try, didn't work. So I try to copy the characters again, "to prove I'm not a robot."


Suz said...

are you kidding....GO SHOPPING
Shoes are just the most important part of fashion
good haircut and good shoes
You walk differently when these are aligned

Debby said...

I am so like you. Flip flops are out. I have few shoes and they have to be comfy. I haven't gotten any new ones for so long. I love crocs......they have some dressier ones. They are hot in the summer. My daughter likes dansko (sp.?). I like berks ...they are comfy ut not a soft pad. Clarks are very comfortable as well. Good luck. The word verification is impossible. This will be my 4th attempt. Please consider getting rid of it.

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh, I know this all too well, Relyn!
Up until about 2 years ago, I would definitely sacrifice comfort for style, so I now own I don't know how many really gorgeous pairs of VERY high heeled shoes. Maybe it's an age thing, but they now only come out if I am going somewhere really special. I am where you're at...looking for something comfortable. No luck yet!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

P.S. LOVE these shoes. :-)

Kyra said...

My sympathies with you, I also have a shoe problem, I love them, but I either can't find my size or a shoe I love and when I find it it's way over my budget and it doesn't end here I want comfort and at the same time I drool over stilletoes, Shoe woes i tell, I wish i had a jimmy choo or blahanik who would design for me, Sigh, if nothing else a girl can atleast dream ;)

GraceGal said...

I hate shoe shopping because I go for comfort, yet want them to be stylish or vice versa. When i get a pair that works, I wear them until they wear out.
Gone are the days of high heels for me> Bummer

HKatz said...

I don't wear high heels. It feels too uncomfortable, painful and unsteadying. I do have some shoes with low heels - a couple of dress shoes like that and one pair of sandals that has a slight heel.

The thing is, I'm not really into shoe-shopping. I buy a pair I like and try to keep it looking nice for as long as possible until it wears out. I do try to have some variety in shoes, but while appearance is important I won't sacrifice comfort to it.

I like the look of your blog by the way :)

beth said...

i use zappos....between free shipping both ways and their year long return policy, i love them !!!

Amy said...

Oh, how I love shoes, vintage inspired, please! Also, I really do love comfort. It is a quandary.

And love your new look . . . it's a whole lot of fabulous!


Marilyn said...

First: Your new look here is gorgeous! Love it so much!

Shoes: I need comfortable too. Not long ago I cleaned the floor in my closet and realized I am a shoe fiend. I didn't realize it before. Now working for Nike, I have many Nike's and some of them are pretty cute. My feet hurt most of the time these days, so though I LOVE sandals and flip flops I can't wear most of them. I must agree it is a challenge for sure. Good luck finding the perfect, cute, and girly shoes.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh i'm a birkenstock girl
who sometimes wears
but always, always
it's comfort first:)
the toes....they get
gussied up in polka dots
and color.
happy new shoes to you
(may the sweetests just find you)

Lubna said...

Comfort wins hands down. I wish I could wear my Dr Scholls sandals all day.Happy shopping, Relyn, let us know what you have picked up.

knitalatte said...

The new look of your blog is gorgeous! Had a great time checking it out. Lovely layout and the chevrons are awesome.
I love shoes and certain brands are a better fit than others on me and I tend to stick to the brands that work. Sam Edleman is my current favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoes... High heels for me is anything up to 1". I have the ability to fall off even 1" heels and sprained my ankle badly a few years ago, so I go carefully and mostly wear flat shoes. My problem is that I walk a lot, and I wear my shoes out quickly. I hate all the waste and the expense, and the bother of having to find new ones. So last year I saved up for a handmade pair of boots, bought online. They have been fab, and when the soles need replacing they will replace them for me.

Once in a while I see a pair of shoes in a shop window and they are just the right thing, and I've learned that if they fit I must buy them on the spot because it might be ages before I find another pair that does!

Good luck with your shoe dilemma.

Linda B said...

Hi Relyn,
I'm a nurse and my absolute favorite, comfortable, non-Ratchett type shoes are ~ Dansko's

they slip on, great support, and are cute (I wear business casual in my job) they also last forever

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh.. I have never been a shoe person. My closet has ALWAYS lacked shoes for every occasion. BUT... I am becoming a boot girl! I bought my first pair last fall, and fell hopelessly in love with them. I can't wait to buy a new pair this fall... it will happen within days and never did I think I would be so excited! lol. I'm pathetic.
Let me know how you do. Comfort is definitely key, isn't it? I truly believe there is such a thing as comfort and beauty coexisting within a shoe. You will find it! Don't cave to beauty only, or you will live to regret it!
Good luck!

elizabeth said...

I used to sacrifice comfort for beauty, but then I went a few years without wearing heels, and I couldn't go back to them. Until this year, when I discovered that technology has improved and now there are heels that are both cute and comfortable! I bought a pair of ankle boots with heels from Fluevog and a pair of wedges from (can't remember the brand, something from Italy, Coclico?) that are super comfortable. So I guess I can't sacrifice comfort for beauty, but it turns out that there are a few pairs where I can have both. I'm with you on the fiend, though - they are one of my weaknesses. :)

p.s. Love the new look!!!

Jeanie said...

I gave up being a shoe fiend. Heel spurs, fallen arches, orthotics I move from tennis shoe to big other shoe. I have one pair of 1" heels that look like tap shoes that have half-orthotics and dead feet one hour after wearing them. I definitely sacrifice beauty for comfort. Not by choice. By necessity! I do like my propet mary jane tennies. The orthotics fit and they don't look like nun shoes. All in all, a plus.

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