Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the face we show the world

Today was butterfly release day in second grade. 
I had my camera at the ready, and what a lesson it provided.
Tomorrow I am going to talk to my class about the face we show the world.  

The character lesson will go something like this:

You know how we always think of butterflies as graceful, fluttering, beautiful little creatures?  
The gloss and shimmer of their wings just take our breath away,
 and we assume that they are gorgeous all over. 

But, are they really?  

Look at that face.  It's monster-like.

People can be like that sometimes, don't you think?  
We get so caught up in the dazzle, the shimmer of their beauty that we forget to notice the monster face they frequently show the world.    

Have you ever liked someone who was not-so-nice  just because they were pretty?
Have you ever laughed when a kid made fun of a classmate because you were afraid you'd be next?
Have you ever been picked on, or been made to feel stupid or ugly?

I'm not just talking about how bullies act, though.  What about us personally? 
Are we more focused on our wings, our shimmer, our beauty?
Or do we care more about the face we show the world?

Do we care more about our looks?  Or our character?
About our coolness?  Or how we treat people?  
Do we pout more often than we smile?  

How are our manners?  How do we treat others?  
Are we willing to be kind even if it isn't cool?  
Are we trying to trick people with our beautiful wings?

What matters more?  Our wings?  Or our face?   


dulcy said...

Great lesson! I no your new sweeties this year just love their teacher!


Amy said...

What a wonderful lesson, Relyn! I'll think of it every times I see a butterfly . . . I'm sure your students will too!

Marilyn said...

Relyn, This is a beautiful example to teach and you are a beautiful teacher for teaching it. I love the way you think here in this lesson. Your children are lucky to have you for a teacher.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Now that is what I all a perfect less that will get kids attention!!! High five.
xoxo jj

Anonymous said...

And then there's the opposite phenomenon, whereby once we come to love a person whom we've perceived as 'unattractive' in some way, they suddenly become beautiful to us. (I'm hoping this isn't just me it's happened to?)

Jennifer Richardson said...

wise and wonderful teacher,
thanks for the fluttery
lessons in life and love.

Cathi said...

Beautiful lesson! xxoo

Georgianna said...

Your students are so darn lucky to have you! I'm sure this lesson made a memorable impact on them, a priceless lesson.

Lisa Gordon said...

A wonderful lesson and beautiful image, Relyn!

S. Etole said...

What a life-giving lesson you are offering your students. Beautiful image.

HKatz said...

Beautiful lesson. A crucial lesson.

It does amaze me though how people can take even things like 'goodness' and 'kindness' and try to make something false of them (doing kind deeds with an air of superiority or long-suffering martyrdom for instance).

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