Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Faves

*Favorite Moment: Looking around the restaurant on Thursday evening, seeing my Thomas family gathered together, eating, and laughing, and talking.  Together again. 

*Something to Watch: Dubstep Violin by Lindsay Stirling

*Inspiring Pin Board: Simply Lovely by Shayla LaFreniere

*New Hero: Last weekend we went to Iowa to visit the capital building and the Herbert Hoover presidential birthplace and library.  Till now the most I knew about Hoover was that he was reviled and often blamed for the Great Depression.  I never knew what a remarkable humanitarian, excellent husband, passionate patriot, and brilliant man he was.  Discovering him was a real joy. 

*Quote of the Week: "The grass is greener where you water it." ~ author unknown

*Great Read: Unphotographable by Michael David Murphy

*Image of the Week: ...but she did look back by Jaime Heiden

*A Song: I adore this bluesy version of "Night Life" by Norah Jones on The Little Willies

*Taste Treat: Amana Golden Caramel Corn Nuggets - Oh. My. Gosh!

*A Wish: That you all have a happy, joyful, book-filled weekend.

I took the picture above outside the one room school house Herbert Hoover attended in West Branch, Iowa.


GraceGal said...

Great Post! Reminds me of what Susannah Conway does on Friday posts. I really like the idea.

Jeanne said...

I love your Friday Favs.
Have a fabulous Sunday
Love Jeanne

knitalatte said...

I'm really enjoying your Friday Faves series.
Great list this week. I especially enjoyed the inspiration board, Simply Lovely.
Thanks for sharing.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Nothing better than seeing the happy, loving family around the table (except maybe that beautiful tree!)

Lovely post, full of joy!

Marilyn said...

Now I am following Simply Lovely too.
Love Norah Jones and anything with caramel. Did you know Herbert Hoover has connections to Oregon too? I need to visit the house not too far away. As usual, always love your lists.

Amy said...

Another great post--and another great photo! What a perfect picture of autumn. Hope your weekend was fabulous . . . and may your week be pretty great, too! :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! this tree is....i have no
thanks for inviting me to stand
under it's gorgeousness
with you.
and my son introduced me to the
dubstep violin and i'm smitten!
and all of your list....I just
love you
and your list too:)

Lisa Gordon said...

This photograph is beautiful, Relyn.
Our leaves are all but gone now. :-(
Thank you for these wonderful links, and I wish you a beautiful evening!

Simone said...

I'm so glad that you are still continuing to blog. You have such a beautiful way with words. The fall leaves are gorgeous.

gkgirl said...

oh...that photo by jaime heiden

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