Tuesday, October 9, 2012

too busy

Have you noticed that the standard reply to the question, "How are you?" seems to have switched from fine to busy?  Why do you think that is?  Are we all really that busy?  Do we honestly feel so pressed that we feel compelled to put aside the social nicety of fine for the harried, slightly self-important busy?

I'm afraid the answer probably is yes.  I think we are all just that busy; just that rushed.  Almost every woman I know is two steps from crazy trying to keep up with all the demands on her time.  Do you feel the same way?

I've been feeling rushed and slightly breathless nearly every moment of the day for a while now.  I am tired of being tired, tired of rushing, tired of not getting home until after 9:00 most nights.  This has to stop.  So, I've been looking for answers.  I've been seeking out new ways to slow down, to savor, to stop the frenzy.

It's funny.  Sometimes the only thing you need to do to stop being so frenzied, is just stop.  Just stop.  Just say "Nope, not today."  Say, "This chore can wait.  That chore can go all together.  This one is not the emergency it feels like."


Stop and give thanks.  Stop and take a big breath and then go hug your kid, your spouse, your friend.  Stop.  Remember that life is not intended to be an emergency or a sprint.  Life can be a slow, meandering walk with a friend.  But, first, you have to stop.


Then, you have to give thanks.

Give thanks for a full life.  Give thanks for too much work, too much laundry, too many things on the to do list.

Too much work?  Thank God you have a job.  Too much laundry?  Your home is full of people you love.  Too many things on the to do list?  Would you rather be lonely and alone?  I wouldn't.

Stop.  Give thanks.

I love the picture above that I took at Dogwood Canyon last year.  Animals never feel stressed and hurried.  Have you noticed?  


Amy said...

Oh good grief! I love that photo! He looks like he's saying, "Do you really need to be so helter-skelter? Really?!" :)

Another great minder, Relyn . . . thank you!

Anonymous said...

Being overwhelmed is not the way I wanted to live my life, so I stopped being busy a few years ago. I just started saying "NO" to myself & other people when I thought that saying "yes" would make me crazy. A conscious decision.

It is probably the most sane thing that I've ever done. I do less now, but enjoy it so much more. Great post. Good reminder.

Debby said...

Good advice. My life has slowed down now that my kids are grown. So many people tell me that I am so busy. Nothing compared to what it used to be like with 4 kids. I do think so many just overdo it. My kids did one thing at a time.....not like so many these days. it was still crazy, hah.

Anonymous said...

Very good insightful post. And its good to slow down and enjoy life rather than swept away by busy-ness.

Jeanne said...

Yes always be so thankful for your many blessings.
Love Jeanne

Slow down you move to fast you have to make the morning last.
Feeling Groovy♥

beth said...

i'm actually wishing i was a bit busier. being an empty nester does that to a person....

i actually placed my name on a few volunteer lists this week....we'll see what happens with that :)

rachel awes said...

oh relyn,
isn't that the truth?
i don't want to lose track
of how much there is to be
thankful for.
for me, that always includes
your sweet spirit. in my
own busyness, i haven't missed
it. i see you + am thankful.

Hindsfeet said...

Thanks for this reminder, Relyn.....

...needed it...


Anonymous said...

Wise words! My teenage daughter, who has been housebound for over a year with ME/CFS, would say: don't take your energy and health for granted, and enjoy what you're able to do! She watches the kids walking to school and so much wishes she could be "too busy".

Chris said...

Yet again, just one more of the billions of ways God has used you to reach out and touch people... You are right, again, as usual. Love you so much!! Thank you for letting the Lord use you to speak to stubborn hearts.

Isa Lisboa said...

That is beautifull! And you are completly rigth!

(Trying to stop, a bit a day)

S. Etole said...

Delightful photo to accompany your words of wisdom.

joyce said...

I think that because I live in a laid-back type of rural-small town lifestyle, I have been lucky enough to not have too many of those not sit down till its time to go to bed kind of days. And yes, I am thankful for it. What I don't like about the 'How are you' question is that so many people ask it but don't really care to listen to an honest answer....because they are too busy!!
Take some time for yourself if you can, we all need that.

Simone said...

I love it! One of the ways to stop is to stop. I needed that reminder.

Tracy said...

The BEST advice, Relyn! To just stop... feel the blessings... and give thanks. I'll be taking this into my day, and beyond! The "too busy" syndrome affects so many of us. We didn't hear previous generations say such thing. They probably felt it, but it wasn't spoken. Life is busy, there's not getting around it. But how we react to the busy, that we can do something about. Stopping is refreshing. We need to stop and go slow more often! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Ibukun said...

Thanks for such an advice filled post. We do need to be more grateful instead of complaining so much. There is a lot I have to be thankful for.

Marilyn said...

What a good reminder to slow down. Eventhough I am retired I still sometimes feel "too busy". Then I tell myself to stop and take time for those around me that are more important than a clean house.

elizabeth said...

What a great face to remind us. Animals really are a good reminder - I don't think I've ever seen Atlas hurry. Unless he's chasing a squirrel, in which case, I don't think he's hurrying so much as he's actually going his squirrel pace.

Jennifer Richardson said...

this is not the emergency it feels like....oh i love that.
yes, quiet down, my soul.
take time and savor.
thanks for the way
you coach my soul to slow down,

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

My new favorite phrase: 'Two steps from crazy'!

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