Thursday, November 8, 2012


So that's it;
the last time I'll snuggle my ten year old before sleep.

Sloane turns eleven tomorrow.
Like every other parent, I marvel at how the days slip past in a blur.

I cry a bit at how quickly the thread of these childhood years is spun out.
The spool is more than half empty.

In less time than it has taken for her to turn eleven, she will be gone from home.
She will be off having adventures and meeting people we know nothing about.

She will be grown.

My heart aches at that thought.
Wait, my heart begs.  Wait.  Slow down.  Just a little, sweetheart.  Just a little.  

But time, and little girls, just don't wait.
They grow and blossom and become women while you watch.

And, if you're smart, and very, very blessed
you know enough to pay attention - to not miss a thing.

Because it is over more quickly than you can imagine.
Don't blink.

Sloane was three or four months old in this picture.  She always has been this delightful. 


Georgianna said...

Oh my goodness. Happy Birthday to Sloane and yes, you are right to cherish every moment. Eleven is a big one, not a kid anymore, almost a teen. Wishing you both a beautiful and special day.


Jeanne said...

Big hugs the years are fast and fleeting treasure every golden moment you have with her and your loved ones........
Happy Birthday to your precious daughter.
Love Jeanne♥

rachel awes said...

i am so w/you in this fleetingness!
eleven! we do count our blessings.
mine, now 14 + 16, is surreal + mysterious + grievious + somehow just right. a bafflement of elements!
big mama love xoxox!

Mac n' Janet said...

Oh it goes so quickly! Our baby is 44, and it doesn't seem possible, I still see the little girl she use to be.

Debby said...

Happy Birthday Sloane. Have a good day.

Sara Rice said...

I saw her up on the stage singing at the Veterans' Day Ceremony today! She's beautiful and definitely a young lady to be proud of... Happy birthday, Sloane!

Marilyn said...

Wish her a Happy Birthday!
And what we wish for our little ones is to grow into the special adults we know they can be. You are doing a great job of growing a beautiful woman. You can be proud.

Isa Lisboa said...

A Happy Birthday to your daugher!

Susan said...

Wow! I see American Girl dolls in that picture, and I am flooded with my own sweet memories of Elyse! The kind of memories that are handy for reflection when seeking the good stuff in my life!

Surprisingly, the joy of my own lovely daughter who is just now on her own and doing great and loving quite frankly a new level of joy I didn't expect. Yes, I am so surprised by it, that I am convinced it is a gift of the Lord.

I find myself actually looking forward more than back these days.

Truly, this must be Grace.

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