Sunday, December 30, 2012


Usually my Christmas break involves baking, family time, game playing, long walks, rest, catching up on home projects, an After-Christmas party, and a lot of quiet puttering.  This year?  Not quite.  Oh well, might as well laugh.  Here is my Christmas break, by the numbers.

13 days Relyn and Sloane have been sick
6 times I've been out of the house since December 18
2 days I've worked since getting sick
10 days Jeffrey has been sick
64 episodes of Numb3rs I've watched on Netflix (Oh. My. Gosh! That's embarassing.)
44 back issues of magazines I've finally caught up on
approximately 33 Advil gel caps I've taken
2 bags of cough drops I've consumed
3 more bags of cough drops my family has consumed
1 prescription filled
2 doctor visits we've made 
4 Harry Potter books I've listened to
5 other books I've read
42 items of clothing I've ironed
11 loads of laundry I've washed, folded and put away
117 blog comments I've left
3 blog posts I've written
1 shopping day with my Mom & Sloane

And you?  What have you been doing with your quiet week?  


Claire said...

Reading, blogging, eating, planning. Sorry you've not been well!

Happy new year, dear one.

Countrywoman said...

Hope you get to feeling better Happy New Years

Mrs. E said...

The bad news, I've had sinus/ear/nose gunk since Thanksgiving. *Sigh! Get better, Relyn. Not exactly a dream Christmas, but one you will remember!

S. Etole said...

Oh, my. I hope you are soon well and will have a terrific New Year.

Dawn Castor said...

Reading, eating, cooking, cleaning, not blogging :(. Enjoyed your numbers. Except for the sick part--that stinks!

Roban said...

Although the sick part is definitely not a good thing, the reading and watching and blog-visiting sound pretty good. I'm guessing that you're feeling better? I hope so!

Hindsfeet said...

oh Relyn, wishing you a *healthy* new year in light of your little post here....

All the best to you, Relyn....thanks for making this bright spot in an otherwise sometimes not so bright world....

grateful for the gift of you,

Jeanne said...

2013 are the numbers on my mind.
Wishing you a bright beautiful New year full of sparkle and shine for us all. Much love my dear friend.
I love your postings.
Love you

Lobster and swan said...

Happy new year! I hope 2013 is filled with magic and sparkle xxx

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh Relyn I am sorry it has been such a wash out. I hope 2013 will start with more excitement and fun! All the best for the new year.

Mac n' Janet said...

Hope you and your family are feeling better now, it's not fun being sick any time, but at Christmas it just seems worse.
Have a Happy New Year!

Kimer said...

Have a blessed New Year that is not as numbered as this post! You are an inspiration!

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh Relyn, I am so sorry you've been sick. Hopefully everyone is recovering quickly.

This photograph is absolutely beautiful. The lights and the softness are simply perfection.

I wish you and your family a very Happy (and healthy!) New Year. I am so glad to have met you here this year.


gkgirl said...

Sorry to hear that you guys were sick over Christmas and hope that you are all feeling better! I wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the awesome things you share here...and the sweet comments...i am glad that I had the chance to meet you in this vast internet world...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Simply beautiful photo!

Oh my, you certainly need a whole lot of Good Wishes for the New Year! It HAS to be better, doesn't it? -sigh- Hope all health returns...

Thank you for your wishes for a Happy New Year, left in my blog.

Happy New Year's Eve to you, as well!

amelia said...

OK, I can't believe you iron when you're sick. :I

And I know what you mean. . . various families with my family send out Smileboxes after Christmas; it's our way of being close when we're far away. I didn't make one this year, but it made me laugh to think of the pictures that would be in it! :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you've been down for so long. Illness in December is tough. But soon enough it'll be January and you'll feel better. I just know it.

Here's wishing you a happy & healthy new year. You deserve it.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh sorry you've been sick! Here's to a happy, healthy new year. I'll be thinking of you. And looking forward to more blog posts!
Love and hugs, Kirsten

miruspeg said...

Well my very special blogging friend, I wish you a very very healthy and happy 2013.
Big hugs
Peggy ♥♥♥

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

I hope everyone is well now! Happy New Year!

knitalatte said...

OMG, I've been sick too. When I read this post I was thinking I so identify with this list. Although I don't know what I'd have done without the 4 seasons of Mad Men I've consumed on netflix over this past week. I hope you are feeling better as I am now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I'm glad I've had the time off to deal with getting better. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! I've been so blessed to have you in my blogging life.

Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness, after reading your list I can't remember what I have done. I know I have washed some laundry, left blog comment, consumed many cough drops and cold medicine, wrapped in a quilt, and read. Been home alot too and had to miss church right before Christmas. Hope we are all getting better.

Susanna Gordon said...

Happy New Year, Relyn! I wish you and your family GOOD HEALTH in 2013.

Well, your Christmas holidays didn't turn out as expected - being sick sucks! It's great that you kept your sense of humour throughout it all. And you had time to read and listen to books-on-cd. That's also good! And you had time to blog and visit blogs - something I'm hoping to do much more of in January. And with just 1 shopping day with your mom and Sloane throughout the holiday month - you saved money! Also good!

I hope January has you feeling healthy, refreshed and inspired for the New Year, Relyn.

Jennifer Richardson said...

you're funny and clever
even in your suffering:)
here is hoping for your numbers
to get sweeter!

Debbie said...

Oh goodness! Here is hoping that quickly in 2013 everyone is back up to speed.

alexa said...

So sorry to read how poorly you have all been :(. Hoping you are over the worst ... Your tree is a beacon of brightness in the midst of it all.

christina said...

my dear friend,
i really hope you have been feeling better. i am keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

krista said...

hey you. stepping in after a brief hiatus to say hello...i'm so glad to be catching up on your words. :-)
happy holidays to you and your beautiful family...

Jeanie said...

Holy cow -- now THAT is a boatload of magazines and Numb3rs and Advil. nd to think you've all been laid up. My dear, that's a wretched way to spend a holiday but the good thing is that you can now look on it in the past. Lovely photo -- as always!

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