Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Poetry

you are a hot cup of coffee on December mornings, 
an ice-cold shower in the middle of July. 
you are rain tapping out secret messages on my window, 
whispering untold stories of our own future on an island not known to man.
i am going to love you as fiercely as ocean winds 
that rip through clouds like tiger's teeth and bear claws; 
like wolves making midnight wishes on amber moons 
that resonate through the sky 
that twinkles like movie-star smiles 
and shake every last tree in the forest.
~ author unknown

I think I first spotted this on Flickr, but maybe Pinterest.  I wish I knew who wrote it. More, I wish I had written it for Jeffrey, my love.  Photographer unknown, and I really looked.  


Mac n' Janet said...

Wow! That's how love should be.

Jeanne said...

A beautiful poem.
Love all you share.
Love Jeanne♥

Marilyn said...

The hot cup of coffee with steam from the thermos is a lovely photo. Even if you didn't take it, I know you could have.

Kyra said...

As passionate as love can be :)

Roban said...

Aw, this is a great poem. Thanks for sharing.

amelia said...

Eek! I love that photo--and the poem . . . be still my beating heart. Sigh.

keishua said...

such a great poem. it has a great eternal feel to it.

Dee said...

Great find, both...

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! those words!
that thermos!
that photograph!
what extravagant deliciousness:)
thank you friend,

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I love this. Sometimes poetry flies right over my head...this does not. Thank you!

HKatz said...

"like wolves making midnight wishes on amber moons"

This line is so unutterably gorgeous.

You know, I saw a movie recently called "Like Stars on Earth" and thought of you. It's set in India, and it's about a schoolboy who is very artistic but is having difficulty reading and writing and keeping up in class, so that everyone mocks him. Just as he's sinking into depression, an art teacher notices him and becomes his mentor, helping restore his self-worth and bring out his magical vision of the world again. I cried during the movie, which isn't without its flaws but is still a good movie; at some point I'll write about it on my blog. I just think you'll love it.

Lisa Gordon said...

How beautiful this is, Relyn!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love is grand! This is perfect.
xo jj

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