Thursday, February 14, 2013


The love of a friend, a child, a parent, a spouse, a pet -
all of these are wondersome gifts. 
The smile from a stranger, the hug from a companion, the note that makes you grin -
all of these are love made visible.
The fact that children laugh each day, and you can join them;
that people hold hands, and it can melt your heart;
that all of life is a miracle, and you are here to see it -
all of these are proof of love.
May you know today and every day
just how much you are loved.
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

Look at that picture.  Pure joy that bubbles out in laughter.  This is why I teach. 


Jeanne said...

Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
~Matthew 6:26

Love is all you need. Love and hugs may everyone be fed with love today.
Love Jeanne Happy Valentine's day sweet friend.
Every day is a good day for love.

Debby said...


Connie said...

Sending love back!

S. Etole said...

Love to you, too. Those children look so happy!

Marilyn said...

We are indeed blessed and loved.
Thanks for the laughter of children.

joyce said...

great post, happy day back at you

Jennifer Richardson said...

there is so much joy
in love:)
thanks for this beautiful stir,

Tracy said...

LOVE, love, love to you , Relyn ((HUGS))

Roban said...

Well said! I forget to laugh as much as I should. Y'know that belly-aching laugh.... Those really are good for the soul, aren't they?

Kyra said...

We all are loved, but true to our nature we want more, if we have family, we want friends, when we have friends we want a special someone, when we have that special someone we want family and the cycle continues......

Beautiful post, wish u a day filled with love :)

Suz said...

I do I all around me

Isa Lisboa said...

Beautifuul words, Relyn!

alexa said...

What a sparking photo! and your words are tender ... Thank-you.

Jeanie said...

Beautifully stated! I do believe you may be the personification of love -- how you see the world and all those in it and find such joy with your giving heart. Belated Valentine's wishes.

Anonymous said...

So true. Love is the most important thing of all - giving and receiving!

HKatz said...

Thanks for this joyful post. I know several people who use Valentine's Day as an excuse to be extra-celebratory about different kinds of platonic love too, like friends hanging together and appreciating each other.

I hope you had a great day :)

elizabeth said...

We are so blessed.

I have always loved Valentine's Day. When I was in college, a group of girlfriends and I would go out for dinner every year. It was so fun. I think of that every year, and it reminds me to reach out to my friends and how blessed I am to have them.

Thank you for this.

Wishing you love - today and always.

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