Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Faves

* A Song: "Blue, I'm so Blue" by Willy DeVille

* Great Read: Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall

* Funniest Moment: I needed to send myself a reminder and I used the voice mode on my phone.  I said, "Finish yearbook."  That is not what it recorded.  Since Sloane's iPad is linked to mine, my reminders pop up on her device.  I'm not sure who laughed hardest when the alarm went off in class and she read the message from Mom out loud.  "Finish your butt." 

* Something to Make: tealight transformation

* Tasty Treat: old-fashioned potato candy

* Images of the Week: Cramped Hong Kong apartments from above

* Anticipating: Taking Sloane and her best girlfriends to see Toby Mac on Thursday. 

* APPspiration: Percolator

* A Post: by Steven Crowder.  Amen, I say.  Amen!

* Quote of the Week: "Life is insane with lots of awesome." Karen Walrond

* PINspiration: a place for dioramas and models by Ciara Brehony

* Film Fancies: Paper Is Not Dead on Vimeo 

* BLOGspiration: Obvious State

* In Case You Missed It: Ordinary Miracles


Tracy said...

"Finish your butt." ...LOL... That is hilarious! Potato candy...hhhmmm...I've not had that before. I'm making potato rolls this weekend, will save some potato. :o) Happy Weekend, Relyn ((HUGS))

Kyra said...

I love the song and the candy recipe, looking forward to try the recipe.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Finish your butt" What a hoot!
Have a wonderful weekend,
xo jj

knitalatte said...

Haha, the "FYB" story is just so funny...Thanks for sharing, it made me giggle...
I have to applaud Steven Crowder for his article, Bravo!
Great links to enjoy this weekend...
Have a good one.

amelia said...

Oh my word! I never thought I'd like those tea lights in the silver holders (I always get the clear) . . . but I LOVE!

Naturally, since it's on one of your lists. :)

Jeanne said...

Love your Friday Favs.

Love and hugs


Suvarna said...

Lol, I burst into laughter in the quiet of the echoey Chan Centre. (Concert hall at UBC ). I would love to do a blog post, I'll email you soon with deets

Bella Sinclair said...

Potato candy! Who knew!

Thanks for the reminder. My butt does need finishing. Hahaha, too funny.

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Relyn!
so nice to hear from you again and read your sweet words of encouragement...thank you so much !
A big hug to you and to your lovely little Sloane

Roban said...

How funny, especially that she read your message out loud in class! I haven't had a chance to visit your links yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Have a great week, Relyn!

S. Etole said...

Always enjoy this list and the links you share.

I grew up in Washington State and miss the mountains but like you say, it's family that makes home.

alexa said...

I have never heard of potato candy! That is a combination of ingredients I would never have dreamed of putting together - but fascinating!

Jaime said...

lol! Finish your butt... reminds me of that scene in Finding Nemo. "I touched the butt." haha!

Holy doodle... I love living in small cosy spaces, but Honk Kong has gotten a little bit extreme! A little TOO cosy!

Such a funny video!!! lol!

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a FANTASTIC post by that wonderful man!!!
oh that is rich.
thanks, relyn.
planning to share.
love and hugs,

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