Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The picture of the witching ball is a perfect description of my March.  It's one big, beautiful swirl.  There will be teacher work days, spring break, Easter break, Easter celebrations, math competitions, geo caching, a language arts fair and competition for my students, and a yearbook to finish.  Plus, two photoshoots.  That doesn't even begin to cover my personal life and church and family committments.  I love this gorgeous, swirling, hectic, mess of a life I've been given. 

How about you?  How's your March shaping up?


Mac n' Janet said...

A swirl here too, off to Florida for baseball spring training, a trip to D.C. to spend Easter with daughter, garden work, new shower going in bathroom etc.

Marilyn said...

Oh my March is going to be one adventure after another. It started with tea with my sister on Saturday and will end with Easter tea for my family. It will be a fun filled month.

Debby said...

Ny life is alot slower than yours. Enjoy the swirly life, hah.

S. Etole said...

A birthday to celebrate in March and the birth-day of a grandson due towards the end of the month.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Hi Relyn,
I'm turning 50 this month! I'll let you know how that shapes up.
<3 K.

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Is cold and gray an answer? We are getting snow again...and it is cold, windy and none too pretty. I would say my March has been cozy so far. I'm staying in as much as possible...but, I'm ready for sunshine and adventure!

gkgirl said...

Sounds like a busy beautiful month!

Jeanie said...

You're packed to the moon for March, aren't you? I'm just looking forward to spring and every day brings us closer to that! And I do love the Easter preps and peeps and all. They are so cheery and while I prefer an April Easter (weatherwise here, March is always dicey), at least having it in March brings all those colors and life that is so needed! Great painting!

Georgianna said...

Sounds delightful, Relyn! I know you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Mine is swirling, too. Actually, more like "whooshing".


Jeanne said...

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Jennifer Richardson said...

March is a beautiful ache,
start to finish.
Mine has been intense
and my heart is wide open
so all the love that wants to happen
is free to find
and heal me.
And so that healing can flow out
and touch whoever it's meant for.
Ugh, I don't like the sound of that but not gonna change a word.
Maybe I'm getting braver.
Love to you and your marching,

alexa said...

What a thoughtful post, and I like the way it is connected to the art. I wonder what it might be like to do one at the start of the month and at the end and compare! You have got me thinking …

Jaime said...

geo caching! That is something I have always wanted to try. It seems like such a romantic way to spend an afternoon... hunting around the great beautiful outdoors for treasures.
Can I do that with an iphone? Or do I need a special gadget?

amelia said...

Crazy busy! And not necessarily the good crazy busy. I must remedy . . . :)

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