Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a passion for detail

I am very glad to have my friend, Suvarna here to join us.  She is a photographer, a Pola-holic, a thrifting genius, and a generous, kind soul.   She blogs here at Aunt Betty's and runs a stall full of whimsical wonderfuls at the Vancouver Flea Market in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She has a keen eye for beauty and a passion for getting people to stop and see the wonder in patina, the beauty in old.  If you haven't met Suvarna yet, you are in for a treat. 

It could be said that I am meticulous and over focused,  but I think it's more that I am just a very detail oriented person. I have an eye for the little things that many people just brush over.  Some people find me distracted but that's just because I can't walk 3 paces without noticing every sight, sound or smell within a hundred yards of me. I must touch an object to really SEE it, I have even been known to smell, taste and or  lick an item in order to truly, completely, discover it! Small wonder then that antiquing, (yes it's a verb!) photography and gardening are some of my deepest passions. 

Gardening led to me photography, photography led me to Polaroid,  Polaroid led me to collecting, and now I find myself mixing all three. It took me 50+ years to get here but I am doing what I love buying and selling vintage items.  My mission? To help all of us remember that  value lies in quality not quantity and that there is beauty in imperfection.  I think Instant film photography, and most  antiques really, are a perfect example of that. When I find an object that really resonates with me I can't wait to shoot it, to discover every bump, scratch or nick that tell me about where and when  it came from  and who might have used it. I love to pick around gardens and old abandoned buildings looking for old. Heck, I just love old.  so here are a few images of some of my favourites. 


All words and images belong to Suvarna and are used with permission.


Suvarna said...

Thank you my friend so nice to be here

Claire said...

Oh, these are beautiful :)

amelia said...

It is the little details that make things grand . . .

Marilyn said...

Now I must go visiting. Thanks for introducing Suvarna. I love her love of "old".

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