Wednesday, May 1, 2013

things I learned in April

I was visiting my friend Alexa when I got a brain wave.  For the rest of this year, I am going to post a list of things I learned at the end of each month along with my own favorite photo from that month.  I think it might be an interesting exercise. 

Some days, you have to shrug your shoulders, put down the lesson plans, and just dance.

Some days, you have to put on your teacher face, find your inner drill sergeant, and get busy.

A good teacher knows which days are which.

Spend the money to go to the concert.  It'll be worth it.

Make the time for regular girlfriend dates.  Even 45 minutes a week at Braum's can keep your connection close.

Spring is a beautiful, flirty girl in a softly ruffled yellow dress.  Now we know why the boys call her a tease.  What's with the newest cold snap anyway??

I know I will never understand why weird weather makes almost all kids misbehave.


Nat said...

A great idea for a monthly post :-)

Tracy said...

There IS a great connection between weather and mood, isn't there?! And not just for kids... all kids, big and small! ;o) Fun new theme, Relyn... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Mac n' Janet said...

The wine always made my students wild!
And yes, lay down the plans go outside and let learning happen.

alexa said...

I find myself saying 'Yes! how true!' to all of these, and your witty writing made me smile :). If you ever wanted to add a Linky, I think this could be a really popular meme!

Jeanie said...

this is a great exercise -- I may join you in this beginning next month. You are spot on with all your observations. This will be excellent for me to keep in mind as I start my retirement life and chemo. thanks!

Marilyn said...

What a good idea to do. Love the photo and the list, but the one that sang to me is the description of Spring in a "softly ruffled yellow dress". Beautiful imagery.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a monthly post. (I am wondering about Mac n' Janet's "the wine made the children go wild" though!) My Grampa, who lived into his 90s, maintained that he still learned something new every day.

LaTonya Baldwin said...

I'm in for the monthly post. Can we join you and you do as a community meme?

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this idea!
And thanks for sharing
your gifts from April:)

amelia said...

Those 45 minutes may also save your sanity! :)

Jaime said...

Are you having a cold snap? We are having a bit of a heat wave... and I am north and you are south. What's up with that? lol.

HKatz said...

"I know I will never understand why weird weather makes almost all kids misbehave."

This reminds me of animals who instinctively know when a thunderstorm or other bad weather is coming and start acting in ways we think of as unruly (making raucous noises or stamping their feet in agitation).

Kids are usually much more in tune to everything, every sensation and passing color and change in temperature and every thought that captures their attention. Too much of that tends to get lost with adulthood.

krista said...

i'm actually going to enjoy the kids misbehaving when the weather is weird. because otherwise i notice the animals are acting weird. and my man will say 'oh, earthquake weather.' and then i won't sleep.
now i'll just wait for crazy kids to shake me up. much less scary.

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