Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Faves

This week's list is for my friend, Sandy.

* A Song: Amazing Grace sung by Rhema Marvanne

* Great Read: The Night Circus written by Erin Morgenstern

* Funniest Moment: Today is the last day of summer school so we had field day.  I laughed till I couldn't breathe watching the boys try to race with a ball carried between their knees.  One of them looked just like a chicken laying an egg.

* Something to Make: envelopes for happier snail mail

* Tasty Treat: Try peanut butter and syrup on your French toast.  Yum.

* Images of the Week: untitled by Alison Scarpulla

* Anticipating: the real start of summer - tomorrow morning when I don't have to get up early to teach summer school

* A Post: When Your Mother Says She's Fat by Kasey Edwards

* Quote of the Week: "Listen to understand." ~ Tom Semmelbeck, our associate pastor

* PINspiration: Sometimes the soul takes pictures... pinboard by T. Griesbach

* Film Fancies: The Lion and The Mouse by SmarToonz

* BLOGspiration: Bring the Rain by Angie Smith 

* In Case You Missed It: Oregon Unphotographable

Happy weekend, friends.

I just love sidewalk art.


S. Etole said...

I enjoy working my way through the links in your lists. Have a great weekend.

Kamana {Naashia} said...

these are so great. thanks!

Marilyn said...

Hooray for summer school being over. Hoping to meet you this summer. I always love you links. I am saving The Lion and The Mouse to share with a little someone soon.

GraceGal said...

I love Angie Smith. I am reading another of her books right now. I read Mended twice. Always enjoy your posts, Relyn

rachel awes said...

hello to you, dear relyn.
your lists are always rich,
beautiful one. xoxo

Jeanne said...

Beautiful as always my lovely friend. I enjoy your postings so very much indeed.
Love Jeanne

Mac n' Janet said...

I loved the Night Circus, it's a book I could read again and again.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh Relyn, that post about the mum
....oh my heart.
thank you for that.
and for the pinspiration.
and for being the wonderful
you that you are.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You're the second person this week to mention THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Guess I'm gonna have to read it ;-)
xo jj

Tatiana said...

that mum post was so sad but lovely... thank you for leading me to it!

and I love the night circus- such beautiful imagery.

amelia said...

I did love The Night Circus! And thanks for the article . . . I've thought about that lately--how I'll make offhanded comments about how I look around my friends' kids. I don't want them to see that as my focus, you know? Something I definitely need to work on . . .

elizabeth said...

The Night Circus! Yes! I read it earlier this year and poor Atlas did not get his evening walk because I started it after dinner and did not put it down until it was done. It reminded me how I felt when I read Harry Potter. So insanely magical.

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