Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I Learned in July

On the last day of each month I post a list of things I learned paired my own favorite photo from that month.  Several people asked me if I could make a Mr. Linky so we could all participate.  I tried it last month, but my free trial has expired.  I would still love to have you play along though.  If you want, will you please leave your link in the comments?  Thanks.  

* * When your digital break is longer than planned, you fall in love again with all your bloggy friends and find yourself missing the goodness they share. * *

* * There really is no cure like time beside the ocean and long talks with a beloved friend. * * 

* * No matter how much I've missed my students, I will always wish for just one more day before heading back to work. * * 

* Trader Joe's dark chocolate caramels may be the most perfect candy ever.  Tillamook Mudslide is definitely the best ice cream ever. * *

* * I love practical architecture: grain silos, old barns, city halls, water towers... * *

* * I need to breathe the ocean air and walk barefoot in the sand more often. * * 

* * One new skill, like exposure compensation, can make a big difference in your photography. * * 

* * When your opinions are vastly different from someone's, it is vital to find some point of agreement and work from there.  Otherwise, it is too easy to simply become disagreeable. * * 

* * I really do have more time than it feels like.  It's all a matter of priorities.  I need to begin to spend my time in a way that reflects my deepest values. * *

* * My time limit for road trips and other travel is about two weeks.  After that my system gets all messed up, and I begin to long for my bed. * * 

* * I do not like being asked at random times to taste something.  No thank you. * * 

* * Road trips are good for the soul. * * 

* * There is much history to be learned in studying something simple and commonplace like barbwire.  Isn't that just like life?  It's the common, everyday moments that can teach us the most. * * 

* * I really do love over-sized kitsch.  You know, the ten foot tall prairie dog statues and buildings shaped like teapots or ducks. * * 

* * No matter how beautiful the rest of the world might be.  No matter how many exciting adventures we might take.  There really is no sweeter space than home. * * 

I took July's best picture in Robin's garden. 


S. Etole said...

Home is best, that's for sure. Your photo is stunning.

joyce said...

ha ha....have you ever slept in a duck shaped house?? seriously though, love your idea. My blog holiday has been a little extended but looking forward to catching up.

Tracy said...

"I need to breathe the ocean air and walk barefoot in the sand more often." YES! "Road trips are good for the soul." YES! "There really is no sweeter space than home." YES! Welcome back, Relyn! You and your wisdom-notes were much missed. :o) ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

So good to see you posting again.
I have missed you

Lovely list ineed.

Love Jeanne

HKatz said...

I'm glad you're back - and I realized that I'd forgotten to do this meme for June, though I said I'd participate :( I'm sorry about that.

This post is a delightful collection. I don't know why, of all of them, I liked this one best, but I did:

I love practical architecture: grain silos, old barns, city halls, water towers...

Maybe it's about seeing the great beauty in ordinary things that weren't necessarily designed with aesthetics in mind.

Mac n' Janet said...

Welcome home, sounds like you're recharged for another year.

Jeanie said...

I think you learned some pretty terrific things! Welcome back!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Welcome home! Have missed you. Hope it was a wonderful vacation and time with friends. Love your thoughts on time. It really is in the perspective.

Marilyn said...

How I love reading your list. I would have loved walking barefoot in the sand with you and learning about exposure compensation, plus seeing unusual buildings, but yes then it is time to be home again and in your own bed. Awwww! sweet memories! Thanks for including me in your travels this past month.

alexa said...

Welcome back! Glimpsing a little of your month, it seems happy and rich in experience. And good to be able to reflect on it too! Am with you on liking my own bed after a while :).

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love how you're always, always
May your August be a sweet teach,

Nat said...

Breathing ocean air and walking barefoot on the beach is my idea of paradise :-)
A great reflection on a good month...

Jaime said...

Road trips are great, but I couldn't agree more. Home sweet home, there is no place like home.

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