Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The BIG List, Take 3

43 things to do before I turn 44
  1. catch up on my Best Reads of 2011 and 2012 posts; Yeah, I'm a little behind. 
  2. buy a macro lens
  3. stop drinking Cokes
  4. go visit my Papaw
  5. make a family yearbook for 2011
  6. revisit this awesome place and ride the rooftop Ferris Wheel
  7. spruce up our yard, plant some flowers
  8. submit an article to the Somerset family of magazines
  9. turn Keri's 100 ideas into a regular blog feature
  10. be brave and finally use the Impossible Project film
  11. buy three things (one each for Jeffrey, Sloane, and I) from the Pinterest wishlists, for no reason at all
  12. follow this new rule: no food after 8:00 pm
  13. meet two more blog friends in person
  14. have more Moo cards made
  15. post my Best Reads of 2013 the first week of January 2014
  16. write and mail at least one letter a week
  17. give at least one (wrapped and tangible) gift each week all year long
  18. interview my father-in-law about his childhood and start writing that story book 
  19. make walking a daily habit
  20. join a local photography club
  21. finally visit the Chicago Art Institute
  22. learn how to quilt
  23. eat breakfast every day
  24. transfer all my home videos to DVD
  25. make a family yearbook for 2012
  26. go visit Grammy
  27. while at Grammy's, go to Trade Days in Canton
  28. take Jeffrey on a train ride
  29. pay for Sloane's braces
  30. see three theater performances, at least one should be a professional troupe
  31. teach summer school in order to fund a return trip to Glacier
  32. begin art journaling
  33. learn to sew pillows for our sofa
  34. mail out Christmas cards by December 12 this year
  35. go to Austin and Cut N Shoot, Texas to visit my family and Jeffrey's
  36. take Sloane to see Wicked
  37. read all the forgotten books that are living on my bookshelves
  38. finally finish compiling all of Sloane's Friday Album 
  39. make a family yearbook for 2013
  40. meet my new niece, Athena Relyn, and spend more time with my brother, Persephone, and her Mom
  41. take a family trip to Disney
  42. make the highschool girlfriend reunion happen
  43. do something I absolutely think I can not do
What's on your list? Go ahead, inspire me.


Roban said...

Your list is wonderful! And how special to have your niece named after you. P.S. I think I can help you out with meeting a blog friend in person. That needs to happen!

Jeanne said...

Love your lists.
Love you
Blessings my friend

Love Jeanne

Mac n' Janet said...

Quite a list, my birthday is Saturday so maybe I need to compile a list for my next year.

joyce said...

Love that idea, being as I turned 44 earlier this year I would have to make it 44 before 45. Some of those items seem decidedly more different than others though! Good luck with all of them...you should make a list on the side of your blog and tick them off as you go!

Isa Lisboa said...

"do something I absolutely think I can not do" - Love this one!!! :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

brilliant list!
I love your list
and send prayers for light
and lift
as you live your intentions
bit by simple bit.
Easy does it, friend.
you'll get there.
Huge joy in the journey,

Marilyn said...

You going to be one busy girl.
Love you list.
I probably won't make a list until the beginning of the year. But of course keep reading good books and taking pictures, learning more, laughing more, plus just take time to savor more (to take in the little things and notice and remember)

Anita said...

Wonderful list! Looks lke a lot of fun stuff to do.

Anonymous said...

So many good ideas! Happy birthday when it comes, Relyn.

Lisa Gordon said...

Love your list, Relyn!
Looks like you are going to be one busy gal!! :-)

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Okay, I always love your lists...but I REALLY love that photo!!!

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