Tuesday, November 19, 2013

loveliest smile

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.” 

Mmmmm... There is so much to love about autumn.
The colors, the leaves falling,
the way an evening walk is a mixture of scuffle, scuffle, crunch, crunch...

The smells, the air that tickles and invigorates, soup for supper.
Bonfires, football, and hayrides.
Wearing sweaters and scarves and knee high boots.

What are your favorite things about fall?


Jeanne said...

Autumn Abundance by me Jeanne

Coolness, crispness and colours galore
Autumn soon once again you will arrive at our door

The Hues, new shoes, school schedules appear once again
Before me all accents of the most autumn kind
Yes we are leaving our summer behind
Crickets casanova, birds spell out a V in flight
Chinese lanterns in our gardens, wind chimes more echoes abound
Birds soon fly south, and oh the taste in my mouth
of our glorious Thanksgiving feasts, a bountiful harvest
Pumpkins, ghourds and Halloween soon
and our Canadian Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie and the ice cream spoon

I'll embrace you autumn and again in silent prayer will say.........
Thank you God for our beatuiful seasons.......
Thank you God for our reasons to embrace love and joy
and one another.

written by me Jeanne C

S. Etole said...

The colors, fabrics, and feel of the air.

Marilyn said...

Crunching through the dried leaves and kicking them a bit. Vibrant colors of the leaves before they fall.

HKatz said...

Brisk air, colors, the days that are made for long walks, the need to be cozy indoors… looking inwards and slowing down and thinking...

alexa said...

What a lovely photo ... For me, wood smoke, piles of logs, heaps of crinkly leaves, wet and misty grey mornings, woollen jumpers and the sense of hunkering down, paring things away to the essentials.

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