Friday, November 8, 2013

that moment

I've written before about that moment each year when Christmas comes.  
For me, it has nothing to do with the calendar or the decorations.  
It's always a small moment that ignites Christmas in my own heart.  
That moment was tonight.  

Sloane and I swung into our local grocery store tonight on our way home.  We just needed cute candles for her birthday cupcakes tomorrow.  She'll be twelve, can you believe it?  Anyway, we were going to be quick because Jeffrey was cooking dinner.  As we walked up there was a lady playing Christmas music on a keyboard by the front door.  Every employee wearing a big smile and manning a booth of food to give away.  If they weren't happy to be working after sundown on a Friday night, you'd never know it.  

Sloane and I laughed and ate our way through the store.  We said hello to old and new friends; it's a small town, remember.  We took home a salsa verde kit full of fresh produce and the instructions to mince and add salt.  I gave in and bought every snack Sloane asked for as she and I kept on laughing and chatting.  

I was already feeling good; happy with life in general.  And then Christmas entered my heart. 

We were in line to buy our goodies - including 12 adorable star candles for the cupcakes Sloane is making for her party guests.  The pianist started playing one of my very favorite Christmas songs. You all know that I am a car-dancing-sing-in-public kind of a girl.  So.  There I was singing along quietly when I heard her.  

The woman two lines behind me was singing, too.  Only she wasn't quiet.  She was loud, proud, and unashamed.  "I wanna wish you a merry Christmas."  I started singing louder right along with her.  Sloane started singing along.  Our teller began to hum and grin.  The woman in line behind us looked flabbergasted.  I couldn't quit smiling.  

Till I teared up.  Because I always tear up when Christmas comes. 

God bless us, everyone. 


d smith kaich jones said...

well, this is just the BEST! the BEST! i love it when people aren't shy about their happiness - it doesn't happen enough. (and ps - i woulda been singing right along with you.)(and double ps - what a gorgeous image! just beautiful.)


Dandy said...

Yes! I'm actually crying because I can so picture this perfect Christmas moment and how wonderful it must have been. You've spread the Christmas cheer all the way over here. Thank you for sharing it.

Debby said...

What a cute story.....that had to be fun to witness. A little early but it seems that many are starting early anyway. Its all about the spirit.

S. Etole said...

Love this ... and your heart.

Jeanne said...

I love this story I love you


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, Relyn. I always send the USA Christmas Presents at the beginning of October, so there is Christmas-related planning and activity early on. But I see that the moment when Christmas enters my heart is quite separate from that. I will listen for it!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh my heart.
thanks for singing out brave
and tugging that door open
for me, too.
Feeling Christmas,

Lisa Gordon said...

What a wonderful moment, Relyn, and one to always remember!

Like you, I just "know" when it's Christmas, and although I try to wait til after Thanksgiving, I don't think that's going to happen this year. I am feeing very Chrsitmassy! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

alexa said...

Lovely to read of your special moment and hope it continues to burn brightly for you

Marilyn said...

This does make my heart happy to know you sang in the marketplace. Good for you! I love that you bought Sloane snacks too.

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