Thursday, February 27, 2014

tell me something...

painting by artist, Paula Rubino

Do you ever feel as though your mind contains a swarm of angry bees?
Do you ever feel as if your life is spinning too fast
and you are about to fly out of orbit?

Do you ever look at your to do list and just laugh?
Do you ever sniff a shirt to see if it stinks
because you don't have the energy to iron a fresh one?

Has your child ever told you, "Mom, I'm down to my last pair of underwear."
Has your husband ever asked you to come to bed with him, and you
barely grunted an answer because you were too tired to talk?

Of course you have. 
Of course I have.
We live in a hurry-up-need-it-yesterday sort of world.

And so I wonder,
How do you put the world on pause for an hour?

 Do you read a book or a pile of magazines?

 Do you bake a pie or eat a cupcake?

 Do you arrange a dinner date with a girlfriend?

 Do you pay someone else to do that chore you've been dreading?

 Do you turn up the music and just dance?

Do you drive and drive and drive?

I do. 
I do all those things - and more. 
And they help.

What do you do?
How do you put the world on pause for an hour?


Suz said...

oh boy this is good
Of course I have
When the kids were little and my husband worked a lot and money was tight and the kids needed so much....and I was expected to make magic
there were days I just wanted to get in the car and drive away from it all
but just acknowledging this helped and I treated myself like I was my friend and I said
this too shall pass and just do the best that you can
including wearing a none fresh the scheme of is nothing
but normal
..girlfriends are the best medicine as are chick movies..or movies that hit you right the truth

begin again

Mac n' Janet said...

I lose myself in a book.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes indeed! My "pause buttons": coffee with a friend, knitting and watching something absorbing on t.v., reading, gardening, going for a walk. It's so difficult sometimes not to be drowned by the minutiae of life. I try to distinguish between what's critical to my family's well-being and what's an optional extra. It requires an effort sometimes to realise that my own well-being isn't an optional extra!

Marilyn said...

For some reason just this week has gone on slow mode. I think it is experiencing my aunts death the past week. Re-thinking here. Each evening when I go to bed, I sigh with the quietness, pick up a book and read for an hour. Oh sweet pleasure. When I worked driving would do this for me and I would sing out loud and pray. Sipping a cup of warm tea as I savor the warmth in my hand also does it for me.
Oh I remember the days you are walking through and my thoughts walk with you.

Lisa Gordon said...

I simply keep repeating, "And this too shall pass."
And it usually does!
Most importantly, I try not to act out when I feel this way.

I hope better days are coming your way, Relyn.

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely read today. Especially as I have decided today to have a 'rest on the sofa with the duvet day' (I have a dental infection). I find it hard to stop - don't we all? Sad really.
I am so pleased you liked my poem and would be very honoured for you to share it with your students.

amelia said...

Such lovely ideas! And that illustration . . . brings whole new meaning to party hat! :)

Happy weekend, my friend!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend....this is such pure
soothing honesty:) thank you.

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