Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Faves

We took Sloane and three of her best friends to Winter Jam last night.  The ten-band Christian concert didn't end till 11:40 and we weren't home will 1:00.  It was amazing and wonderful, but this mamma is pooped.  Please excuse the shortened faves today, this is all I can manage. 

* What I Learned: I love rap.  Yes, me, the Ella Fitzgerald devotee. I love rap. 
Who knew?  I guess I just needed to hear Christian rappers. 
I tell you, I love those beats.  And the rhythm of the words.
Oh, I do love a man who can rhyme.

* A Song: Worn by Tenth Avenue North

* Images of the Week: Sunshine by Rae Willow

* Anticipating: We leave Monday to head to Savannah and my nieces.  And the ocean!

* Quote of the Week: "We are called to be something bigger than a celebrity.  We are called to be a servant." ~ Lacrea

* In Case You Missed It: Passionate About Little Joys

Happy weekend, friends.


Jeanne said...

so glad you had a good time
Take good care and have fun in Savannah and I love your Friday Faves and you

alexa said...

I should thing you will need a rest after all that! Hope you have a lovely time ...

Suz said...

The Ocean! Oh have fun
and I will be here wishing it were me....feet in the sand

Debby said...

You are a good Mama. I hope you didn't have school today. Sounds like Spring Break for you. Ours isn't for two more weeks.
If you get to the ocean, enjoy every minute.

Marilyn said...

So happy to hear you and Sloane enjoyed the concert. What a treat!
I am guessing it must be spring break there with an adventure to Savannah. Loved the photograph Sunshine.

S. Etole said...

Have a wonderful time at the ocean.

GraceGal said...

The image was beautiful, the music video was a goose bump moment and sooo encouraging. I have been there where "prayers seem thin".
I love your list of joys from a previous post!
Actually I like the short list. I had a chance to visit every link :)
Have a blessed trip!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh how I love that quote.
servanthood, not celebrity.
oh yes.

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