Monday, April 7, 2014

Why don't you...

It's finally April and my heart skips a happy beat or two. Let's celebrate.

 ~ Celebrate April and spring.
 ~ Read Enchanted April by Elizabeth VonArnim.  This is my favorite way of welcoming spring.
 ~ Go on a picture walk and capture all the world bursting into bloom.
 ~ Wash your windows and make them sparkle.
 ~ Watch this version of "The Secret Garden".  Enjoy the time elapse coming of spring.
 ~ Put on a sweater and throw open all the windows.  Don't worry if it's chilly, let the breezes blow away all the winter mustiness.
 ~ Gather all the left over winter items that somehow didn't make it back into storage.  Store them now.
 ~ Change out your potpourri, Scentsy, room spray, and/or perfume.  Consider something light and floral.
 ~ Buy the first big bunch of tulips or daffodils you see.  On second thought, buy two bunches.  Enjoy filling vases.  Put one in the entryway, one on the table, and one on your nightstand.  Sweet dreams.
 ~ Wash your car inside and out.  Empty the trunk, wash the mats, vacuum every surface, clean the inside of the windows, and add a trash sack so you can keep it nice and tidy.
 ~ Head to the nearest park for some great people watching.  Spend a little time on the tallest swing.  Why not go a little crazy?  It's spring!

Happy April.


Jeanne said...

I love this so very much.
Blessings and much love


S. Etole said...

Still some snow left here but that's an inspiring list for spring.

Suz said...

Nice list
I just watched Enchanted April...such a nice movie
love the ending....sigh

Lisa Gordon said...

This looks like a beautiful painting, Relyn.

Marilyn said...

Good suggestion each and every one of them. Now just trying to get organized here and head for a car wash. They can clean the inside too, at least I am told. Love Enchanted April and The Secret Garden. Oh yes, the more flowers to better.

Jennifer Richardson said...

yes! celebrating with you:)

alexa said...

Brilliantly upbeat :). Off to clean the car. And clear out my wardrobe :).

Mrs. E said...

Yes!! And I have been soooo ready for it! (And I like winter and snow--but I am ready for a change.)

amelia said...

I am hoping to go on a picture walk this weekend as a matter of fact--before the first blooms are gone!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh how I love that photo! Happy Spring, Relyn! My favorite time of year.

Jeanie said...

I LOVE Enchanted April. And boy, I'd just like to have it warm enough to put my clothes in storage. Can you believe I'm still wearing wool sweaters, shawls and gloves? Yes, I am. And they aren't gardening gloves, either. It's too cold to put much of anything except peas and lettuce in the ground. Heavy sigh...

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