Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Faves

* Great Read: Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Leslie M. M. Blume

* Make Something: Lace Lightbulbs

* Word Nerdiness: Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

* Images of the Week: Botanicals VII by Riikka

* Anticipating: I spent a good bit of time yesterday taking photos of the reading magic that goes on in our school every day.  (The photo above is from that session.)  Cross your fingers that one of my images makes the cover of Linda Dorn's new book. 

* A Song: "The Grass is Blue" by Norah Jones

* Things I Love: red shoes, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream, hydrangeas, the way Sloane always knows the perfect gift for me, impromptu photoshoots, that my students won 31 ribbons at our regional writing competition, colorful office supplies, learning a new word, Youtube, a posh British accent, audiobooks, lilacs, and sincere hugs

* In Case You Missed It: Breakfast


Mac n' Janet said...

Oh I did like your Breakfast post!

Lisa Gordon said...

A very big congratulations to your students, Relyn.
That is quite an accomplishment!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Marilyn said...

Love Norah Jones. Oh I think for sure your photo should be on the cover of Linda Dorn's new book. Now I am head to buy the cuticle cream, I need it badly. Love hydrangeas and lilacs and sincere hugs. How wonderful that you students won so many ribbons, that tells me what a good teacher they have. Hooray for you!

Jennifer Richardson said...

your lists inspire my imagination
to fly a little higher
and look a lot wider....thank you:)

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