Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Faves

Our annual field trip was this week.  Here's one of the pictures I took that day.

 * Things I Love: double rainbows, taking pictures, the adorable little scarf tied onto the handles of my tote, field trips, laughing with my students, stripes, the way Sloane's hair dries into perfect beachy waves, watching the kids' wonder as our school garden grows

* BLOGspiration: Her Library Adventures blog by Sophie
* Anticipating: Our school is having their own color run today.  Plus, I have a wonderful surprise planned for my room mom. 

* Great Read: Rainwater by Sandra Brown.  Apparently, this one is a real departure from her usual style.  I don't know about that, but I sure enjoyed this little love story.

* Images of the Week: Holiday Motel by Kim Ripley
* A Song: Smile by Lois Mahalia

* PINspiration: art curated by artmajeur

* Film Fancies: the power of words

* In Case You Missed It: True Rules

Happy weekend, friends. 


Sherri Mash said...

Hi Relyn! I am going to try to post every once in awhile :) I checked out Rainwater on Goodreads and it looks good so I put it on my list to read. Thanks for the suggestion here!

Jeanie said...

I hope your weekend is wonderful. Thanks for the "Rainwater" suggestion. Happy day!

Roban said...

That's a great list of links you've posted. And I scrolled down for a few missed visits. That photo you took during reading time...? It definitely should make the cover of the book!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Double Rainbows-- Few and far between but so amazing and heart-warming when you see on.

Happy weekend, xo jj

alexa said...

Wonderful joie de vivre :).

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