Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Faves

We had a great road trip to Glacier last summer.  I'm missing that beautiful place today.

* Great Read: The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld (This is a dark, haunting book, and not for the squeamish.)

* Things (& people) I Love: : that Sloane is getting freckles on her nose again, Maira Kalman: author, BOGO bookfairs, Abraham Lincoln: hero, the soundtrack to Anne of Green Gables, ribbons, Charla: my neighbor who leaves flowers on my front porch at least once a week, the crunchy fries that get caught in the corners of the bag, take out Chinese, gifts just because, the polka dotted cover on my laptop, Swiffer products, museums, Dill Pickle chips...

* Make Something: spruce up a boring dresser

* Learn Something: becoming more mindful

* To Make You Cry: Wow!  I cried almost all the way through this.

* Images of the Week: First Kiss by button nose

* Anticipating: the tomatoes have tiny yellow flowers, that means fruit soon - yum

* A Song: "Go With Me" written and performed by one of my third graders

* Quote of the Week: "People are felt rather than seen after the first few minutes." ~ John Steinbeck

* In Case You Missed It: Maybe We're All A Little Odd


Jeanne said...

Love your Friday Faves.
Love you

Happy Friday ♥

Mac n' Janet said...

Added Enchanted to my Amazon wish list. Loved your Maybe We're All a Little Odd.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poster. I have very happy memories of a stay in Glacier National Park many years ago. A really special place.

alexa said...

A list full of variety and interest - I think I'll give the dark novel a miss but I did enjoy Leo's post on mindfulness :).

Marilyn said...

Sweet tumblr with button nose.
Enjoyed your 3rd graders song.
How lovely for the high school to put together that encouragement for someone they cared about. Happy weekend, dear friend!

Retired English Teacher said...

The image you shared made me cry. :(

Jeanne said...

Love your poster of Glaacier national park. That is one of my favorite places in the world. I was also there last summer. Maybe we passed in one of the red busses.

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