Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This photo was taken just before we became engaged and was carried around in a wallet for many years.

Tyler Ward, author of this great book sent an email to his readers asking for our best marriage advice.  This was my reply:

My husband and I have been married for 22 years.  We were both preachers kids, and had our dads perform our wedding.  My father-in-law said something to us that neither of us have ever forgotten.  In fact, we have worked very hard to live by these words of his.  He said, "Be good to each other.  Keep Jesus at the center of your marriage.  And, make the church the object of your greatest ambition."  That's it.  

That's everything.


Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful couple you are.
Wishing both of you a very Happy Anniversary.

Debby said...

Happy anniversary........So cute

Simone Dankenbring said...

That is an awesome gift to have both of your dads marry you and are pastors! Has hubby been called to pastor too?

Jeanie said...

A gorgeous photo -- and wonderful words.

Marilyn said...

You have lovely memories.
What a beautiful photo of you two.

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