Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You've got to check this out...

Inviting Fern by Treat

I couldn't wait until my Friday Faves.  I just had to tell you about this great new company I've discovered.  Treat is a new branch of Shutterfly, and it is incredible.  I spent some time this morning making cards to send to all my recent photography clients.  It's been a mild summer here in Missouri, which has been perfect for all the photo-shoots I've been doing.  Look:

Charming Postage by Treat

I wanted to go beyond the typical thank you notes.  And, look what I did. With Treat you can customize every part of your card.  Check out the inside of this one.

inside of Charming Postage by Treat

I made this one, too.  In fact, I got caught up on a lot of my thank you notes today.  It was just so easy and so much fun.

InstaThanks by Treat

I just kept going.

Gracious Blocks by Treat

and going...
Splendid Thanks by Treat

and going.

Photo Friends by Treat

Think about it.  Most cards at Hallmark cost $4.00 and you have to run an errand to get it.  Not to mention going to the post office for more stamps because you never seem to have any.  Am I right?  Then, you still have to track down the address, address it, and finally get the darn thing in the mail.  Which, is where I always fail in my good intentions.  I currently have 4 unaddressed, but written thank you cards in a stack just waiting to be mailed.  UGH.

inside of Photo Friends by Treat

Enter Treat.  You can do it all online.  Make the card, address it, and have it mailed for you.  All, for no more than $4.00.  Or, you can go with the digital option for $0.99.  And, they offer so much more than just thank you notes.

See?  I told you it was great.

What about you?  What company do you love?  Is there a service you use that makes your life easier?


Debby said...

I am going to definitely check it out. I hate to card shop. Beautiful pics you have taken. Hope you are having a fun summer.

alexa said...

Love both photos of the two children in particular - looks like a great site.

Marilyn said...

What fun! Love things like this, thanks! I usually use ecards from J.Lawson.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards and lovely photos. Not being in the UK, I will have to stick with home-made ones! I'm glad you're continuing to develop your photography, you have a real talent.

Elizabeth Halt said...

What fun cards! I bet your clients were super excited to get them in the mail.

HKatz said...

Thanks for the recommendation; I'll look into this.

In recent years, I used Snapfish to make a calendar with personal photos and also a notebook with a personal photo cover. They both turned out well.

Jeanie said...

I love Shutterfly but haven't tried Treat. I'll have to check this one out... I'm always making cards at SF. Quality is nice! I love the ones you did!

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