Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Break 12

Treasures and Tallulah
Today's prompt: treasures

Susannah's prompt today was interesting and thought-provoking.  She said, "Today's prompt is relatively simple and definitely illuminating: what inanimate objects do you treasure? Think about the items that mean the most to you. The objects that hold significance. "  I learned so much about myself from participating today.  

For one thing, I am not very sentimental or attached to things.  Yes, I love my books and have a TON of them.  I also have a thing for paper and have amassed a small art collection.  No, I'm not a minimalist.  I have more sets of dishes than I am willing to admit to. It's just that I have things for the purpose of using and enjoying them.  I choose them for their beauty and functionality.  I have very few things simply because someone I love owned or gave them. 

I knew this to be true.  At least until I went to my jewelry box to get my Dad's signet ring to photograph.  I hereby admit it.  I am sentimental.  I do keep and cherish things because someone I love owned or gave it to me.  And, nearly every bit of it lives in my jewelry box.  

My jewelry treasures are chronologically numbered. Number one is the oldest.
  1. My mom has the most wonderful charm bracelet that she began as a teenager.  By the time I was ten, playing with hers just wasn't enough.  I had to collect charms and create one, too.  I love it.  It's the story of my life, and I can wear it on my wrist.  Sloane has quite a few charms on hers already.  But you knew that, didn't you? 
  2. I used every bit of my spending money to purchase this Egyptian cartouche when I was in Cairo at 19.  It's solid gold, handmade, and is my phonetic name in hieroglyphics.  I spent the next week and a half and the plane ride home nearly penniless, but it was worth every cent.
  3. I have worn this ring nearly every day since I purchased it my sophomore year in college.  The seven interlocking rings was pretty expensive.  Seventy five dollars back in 1989.  I ate a lot of mac 'n cheese to pay for it, and it still took three months on lay-a-way.  I'm glad that I did every time I wear at it. 
  4. My second year of teaching I had a student whose mom made beautiful jewelry.  She told her son how much I liked a similar necklace when I saw it at her jewelry show.  Ryan told her he wanted to give it to me for my birthday the next week.  Only, not the one she made.  He wanted to make one for me with his own hands.  It's the only jewelry he ever made, and it's still one of my  favorite gifts.  Ever.
  5. When my Papaw lost his beloved wife, he gave me her string of pearls.  I had it strung into a triple strand bracelet.  I've always loved it, but kind of wished I hadn't restrung it.  I wanted a pearl necklace, but knew I would never spend the money on a quality one.  Still, I adore this bracelet. 
  6. I never told him, but my Dad knew how much I loved my bracelet.  I never told him I wanted a necklace either, but one Christmas my Dad surprised me with this perfect strand.  He choose them from me himself when he was in Japan.  
  7. My Mom and Dad brought this bangle back for me from one of their trips to Africa.  The black you see is actually giraffe hair.  My favorite souvenir?  Jewelry, especially silver bangle bracelets.  My favorite color?  Black.  My favorite animal?  Giraffe.  
  8. This fabulous ring is amber.  My Mom brought it back from Russia for me.  Oh, she really knows me. 
  9. This jade bracelet traveled in my Dad's briefcase all the way from China.  My mom and sister-in-law each have one, too.
  10. This signet ring and one unphotographed bracelet are two of my most treasured possessions.  Those are my Dad's initials.  He wore this ring every day of my childhood and young adult life.  He purchased it on a trip that he and mom took before I was born.  I asked Dad if I could have the ring and his sermon Bible some day.  I received them both as Christmas gifts a few years ago.  
  11. When I sold my first photograph, I wanted to use the money to buy something lasting.  If you look closely you'll see that my silver bangle is inscribed euchristeo and the dangles say give thanks.  Those words are a steady reminder to live out my beliefs and be grateful.
What about you?  What objects are your treasures? 


Jeanne said...

Beautiful sentiments.


Tracy said...

I found the treasures prompt challenging too! I have some "things" that are very precious to me, keepsakes. But my level of attachment to "things" is much like yours. My most true treasures are family and friends. SO many lovely jewelry treasures! For all my years of making & selling jewelry, my own collection is few and minimal. ;o) Happy Day, Relyn ((HUGS))

Marilyn said...

Lovely post and I love hearing the stories behind each.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I feel like you just gave us such a gift....a window into your soul.
Thanks for sharing your treasures!
(your's such a lovely one:))

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