Monday, August 4, 2014

August Break, 3

Twirling, Sloane, age 10
Today's prompt: orange

Do you remember twirling?
It's always been one of my favorite things to do.
Tell me that you haven't stopped twirling.
Tell me you still spin yourself silly sometimes.
Tell me that you take time to twirl with the little ones in your life;  that you 
show them by example how important it is to twirl, to spin, to giggle and laugh and dream.
Let's twirl.

I love to twirl.  It's silly and fun and somehow so natural.  I never had to teach Sloane to twirl, she just did it.  Still does.  It's our thing.  Maybe it's one thing that belongs to all of us.  I mean, I have never known a little girl who didn't twirl.  When a little boy does it, we call it spinning, but it's the same thing.  Even Wonder Woman did it to lay full claim to her powers.  Maybe if more adults would twirl, we'd have an easier time claiming our superhero powers, too. 

Emily wrote beautifully about twirling.  She's right: we are all called to just do our thing.  Our own thing and not someone else's.  We are not called to be a faded copy of whatever is popular just now.  We don't need to fit into any mold.  If your thing is to sing, then sing with all your heart.  If it is to teach, then teach with everything that's in you.  If your thing is to write poems, then write them true.  I believe that God calls us to just be ourselves, the beautiful selves that He created; that He cherishes.  And, when we live as the person He truly called us to be, we bring Him great joy.  For me, that means being Jeffrey's wife, Sloane's Momma, and teacher to a whole bunch of kids.  It means singing, laughing, car seat dancing, jumping on beds, silliness, and a whole lot of twirling.  

Let's twirl.


amelia said...

I'm loving the 'August Break' posts already! Also, I may need to take some time today to twirl . . . that's got to make any Monday a bit brighter.

Marilyn said...

I love twirling and your orange today. Happy back to school today too. I can't believe it is that time already for you. Oregon doesn't start for another month.

Jennifer Richardson said...

unspeakably beautiful,
every breath and bite of this.
THANK you:)
so much thanks,

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