Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Break 8

too many tomatoes
Today's prompt: guilty pleasures

Instead of a guilty pleasure, I photographed what gave me the most pleasure this evening.  I had planned to arrange and photograph a too-young-for-me-movie, a book I rarely admit to enjoying, and a great big cupcake.  But, Sloane asked me to hang out with her.  The answer to that question is always, "Yes."  We ended up in our garden picking, and picking, and picking tomatoes and zinnias.  Our counters are full of so much beautiful red.  We have paper sacks, and plastic bags, and tubs, and ziplocks full of tomatoes to give away tomorrow.  I have vases full of zinnias in every room in the house - even the bathroom.  Talk about pleasure.  

I could have arranged all this bounty prettily and worked on making a gorgeous image.  But, I just snapped the photo and hung out with Sloane for a little while longer instead.  So, tonight, my pleasure is time with Sloane, marveling at our garden, and getting ready to share the bounty.  No guilt about it. 

Do tell.  What are your most recent pleasures? 
By the way, you still have time to get in on the giveaway here.  


Jeanne said...

Our month long visit with my Son and his family visiting us from Asia was the highlight of our summer.

Absolutely a slice of Heaven.
I enjoy your postings always.

Love Jeanne

Marilyn said...

We have a small sign my our sidewalk that say "free" and everyday I go to the garden and pick a few zucchini's or tomatoes and set them out for someone walking by. I never see who takes them, but very soon they are gone.
Pleasures is also just reading, sipping tea with friends, and enjoying summer weather right now that isn't to overwhelmingly hot.

Tracy said...

Always a good idea to break for summer tomatoes!! And I like your diversion from the theme. Rules are meant to be altered occasionally, yes? ;o) A food pleasure from the weekend was roasting a chicken in the Crock-Pot--with all the veg and bird in it, a great one pot meal... so nice for a Sunday when rest and praise reign most. Happy Week ((HUGS)

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