Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Faves

* Quote of the Week: "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me but I think she enjoyed it."  ~ Mark Twain

* Song of the Week: The Water is Wide by Eva Cassidy

* Images of the Week: Dreamer by Lissy Laricchia

* To Make You Laugh: Snorts & Giggles

* Anticipating: autumn

* PINspiration: sailing ships, curated by Kimberly Sherrod

  * In Case You Missed It: She Makes Me Laugh

* Some Things I Love: being back here, the first cool weather of the season, that my birthday and the first day of fall are the same day, this shop, anything black and white, mercury glass, time at a book store, spheres, white candles, burlap, foot massages, laughing, my students, chandeliers, silver glitter, old playgrounds, cemeteries, donkeys, gift cards as presents, handmade art

Happy weekend, friends.  


Suz said...

Have you met Agatha Raisin yet?
Did you start with the first book

Mac n' Janet said...

Love the Mark Twain quote!

A Cuban In London said...

Eva Cassidy, enough said. I've got a couple of songs performed by her on my mp3 player for my running sessions. They make me fly. It's so tragic she died so young just as she was starting. Thanks for the lovely post.

Greetings from London.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I loved your snorts and giggles:)
(would love to try the snowman

amelia said...

It's getting to be our favorite time of the year, Relyn! So exciting . . .

Also, that print store. "More issues than Vogue" makes me laugh, every time. :)

Marilyn said...

love mercury glass and foot massages and laughing too. now following Lissy of the Dreamer. Did you know I am on flickr? I don't post often, but have fun doing something different than my regular blog. marmalady's tea time.

Pearl Maple said...

A delightful post, love the change of seasons and all the new adventures they bring

my blog moved to

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