Monday, November 3, 2014

57 Kinds of Awesome, part three

my favorite from yesterday's senior photoshoot

57 Kinds of Awesome, part three
24.   taking senior pictures
25.   especially, taking former students' senior pictures
26.   all the gorgeous architecture in Savannah, Georgia
27.    saving for a better camera 
28.    planning Sloane's birthday party early and anticipating all the fun
29.    the giddy feeling you have when you get close to your goal
30.   navy blue and pale pink, a perfect color combination
31.   chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrel
32.  the first whiff of a burning leaf pile in late October
33.   the way the dogs always run to greet us when we get home
34.  being met in the driveway by someone eager to see you
35.  cutting open the make up bottle to get out the last drops of goodness
          36.  pocket-sized LED flashlights

          37.  time spent in the woods

         38.  Sloane always wants the same panda cake she had for her fifth birthday

         39.  an unhurried trip to the library

         40.  giving yourself a pedicure and spending that $25 on books

What about you?  What awesomeness have you been noticing lately?


Willow said...

I was smiling with your list . It reminded me I have so much to be grateful. I love the simple pleasures of life and being fully in that moment, Occasionally I forget to slow down ~ just occasionally !

Jeanne said...

I love your lists.
I am happy and grateful for absolutely everything. Life is very short and to be appreciated.
Love Jeanne

A Cuban In London said...

Autumn's here! Finally. End of. :-)

Greetings from London. said...

the 30 seconds when the sunrise is the most spectacular

the gentle wrinkles on an elderly woman's hand

the beauty of sugar maple leaves

a clean bathroom (rare and wonderful)

the hope that all will be okay

Marilyn said...

Oh I just started a fund for a new camera, it will be awhile; but I am excited. Taking a picture that touches me and makes me smile. How I love that you are taking senior picture of one of your past students. And panda cakes just make me smile too.

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