Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Faves

vintage family photo, my mother-in-law and her brother

* Quote of the Week: "If you are feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color." ~ Hannah Cheatem, age 8

* Blogspiration: Chez Danisse by Denise Parsons

* Song of the Week: Spring, Spring, Spring by Fred Astaire & Bing Crosby

* Bookish Thoughts: a pin board currated by me

* Film of the Week: Slow Motion Water Balloons

* Images of the Week: What Have You Done to Me? by Livia Lazar

* Amazingness: paper art meets architecture by Charles Young

* A Perfect Post: Night Rain, by Gigi

* In Case You Missed It:  Passionate About Little Joys

Happy weekend, friends.  


Jeanne said...

I always enjoy this posting especially so very very much.
Blessings and thank you
Love Jeanne

Felicia said...

Love your Friday Faves!

Suz said...

..'gonna go over and read night the title...

alexa said...

There is always something that makes my heart sing in your Friday Faves, for you bring me things I might not otherwise see - loving the paper architecture this time :).

beth said...

i LOVE that photo!!!

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