Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Faves

Yesterday I posted Sloane 5 years ago.  Here she is 5 days ago. 

 * Quote of the Week: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself.  It is thinking of yourself less." ~ C. S. Lewis

* Blogspiration: Joy the Baker

* Song of the Week: Stars by Janis Ian

* Images of the Week: Urban Explorer Dan Marbaix 

* To Make You Grin: Tree Change Dolls

* In Case You Missed It: A Passion for Teaching

* Because I'm a Word Nerd: American Regional English

* Some Things I Love: oversize lollipops, cold Coke in an icy glass, perfect 70 degree weather, tote bags, giggling girls who stay up way too late on a Friday night, Cadbury eggs, the color turquoise, laughter, the smell that lives at the back of a baby's neck, weekends...


Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend
I love your Friday Favs.
Happy Weekend
Love Jeanne

Marilyn said...

Yes, I am loving turquoise lately. Always love laughter, nuzzling a babies neck for a sniff, giggles, 70 degree weather, great photographer that Dan Marbaix. Have seen the dolls and my or my they are lovely in their after life.

alexa said...

I wasn't able to get the links to work, but I did enjoy your CS Lewis quote. (Though self-reflection must have a place somewhere?). Your list of lovely things includes one of my favourite colours too.

S. Etole said...

I especially enjoyed the word nerd link. Your daughter is lovely.

Debby said...

Sloan just gets prettier every tie I see her. I think we have some or a lot of the same likes.

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