Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello, again.

spring in Missouri

Every life has seasons of struggle and this has been ours.  My Papaw (mom's dad) passed away about two weeks ago.  A week ago today Sloane dislocated her knee (three times), chipped her patella, tore at least one ligament, and who knows what else.  We are waiting for MRI results to find out the extent of the damage and what treatment is needed.  

I believe that a daily counting of blessings, a habit of gratitude, is a vital component of a joy-filled life.  So, as I always do when times get tough, here's a list of things I'm thankful for.

Counting My Blessings

* Spring in Missouri is so beautiful. * one of the best classes in all my teaching career * the wafting scent of lilacs * the way light in a house window turns golden and welcoming * our school's annual Character Color Run (see below) * working with friends * Sloane's grit * a father-in-law who got our garden ready when we couldn't * a Papaw I loved * a husband whose shares my burdens * a job I love * supportive parents who fill in every gap and help meet every need * excited students * anticipating all the fun events in the final week of school * evening walks through our tiny, old town * a houseful of laughing cousins and grandparents * new babies * finding lost things * His mercies are new every morning. * 

What blessings are you counting today?


GraceGal said...


Meri said...

Hi there -- I haven't been blog hopping or posting lately, but I'm happy to see you and feel your happy, spunky energy. So sorry to hear about Sloane's mishap. That's a big owie!

Jeanne said...

Big hugs and much love and many prayers.........Love hugs and kisses and I am always thankful for you and y our beautiful postings
Love Jeanne

Marilyn Miller said...

I love that even in tough times you see the delights of the day. I guess I can say happy my mother in law didn't have to suffer long before she died a couple weeks ago. Sharing sorrows and laughter with family at memorial service this coming week and for my aunt 2 weeks ago.

christinelaennec said...

Relyn, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Losing a beloved older person is hard even though we know to expect that someday. Having a daughter ill or injured is perhaps harder in another way. I'm sure that Sloane will find her way to full healing, with your help. How is Jeffrey by the way?

I often think of advice I once read (on Guideposts website). A father told his grown daughter that in testing times he practiced "agressive thanksgiving". It sounds like an oxymoron but that is exactly what's needed at such times.

I am hugely grateful that my daughter was able to spend two nights away with a Christian youth group, and travelled part of the way home on her own. She came back exhausted but very, very happy.

Also grateful for rain, green things growing, strawberries and raspberries, knitting, skies, church, choir, hugs.

Bless you all! xox

Tracy said...

Oh, Relyn... I'm so very, deeply sorry for your loss. I hope the love that surrounds you--as well as loving memories--lifts you daily now. And hope very much all will be well with you dear Sloane and her body healed. Seasons of life... I'm going through one too these days/months. Daily gratitude and prayer keeps me sane. :o) Wishing you & yours all the best... ((LOVE & HUGS))

amelia said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear of the sadness of the last few weeks--but I love your list of thankfulness. Right now, I'm thankful for peaceful mornings with a rich cup of coffee; family; and grace.

Love you!

Jeanie said...

Hi Relyn, catching up again (as usual). A comment on FB (which I did do, by the way) isn't nearly enough to say how very sorry I am for your loss. It's sad when grandparents die for kids and sadder still when they were terrific in-laws. Please accept my sympathies -- and my wishes for good and speedy healing for Sloane's leg and nothing too terribly invasive or long lasting in effects.

Counting my blessings for spring -- really! Flowers, Lizzie, Rick -- it's the people and pretty that make my life sing right now.

Big hugs!

HKatz said...

I'm so sorry about your Papaw, and I also hope your daughter recovers as quickly as possible.

I appreciate how you remind yourself of things to be grateful for even when times are tough. It's a wise thing to do (and it's a good reminder for your readers to do the same!)

miruspeg said...

Hey friend
Life can certainly have its seasons of struggle, sorry to hear Sloane is going through a bad patch.
But trust you to think about counting your blessings.....I agree with you completely.

Take care Relyn
Big hugs from down under.
Peggy xxxxx

gkgirl said...

i am sorry to hear of the sad things but so happy to hear that there is good as well.

and i love lilacs. love love love them. :)

Jeanne said...

SORRY about the stressors in your life right now. Such a great practice to remember your blessings when times are tough. Makes such a difference.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Almost nothing lights me up
like a gratitude list:)
I love your lists...all of them.
This makes me just so happy.
Love and lift to you
in the struggle,

Anita said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish your daughter a speedy recovery and sunshine to brighten your cloudy days.

Rue said...

I'm so sorry that you lost your Papaw. It's never easy. May he rest in peace.

I hope your daughter's knee is going to be okay.

Take care :)


Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh so sorry to hear your news (both of them.) But as always, love your lists. Today I'm grateful for you. And wishing you well, Friend!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Oh, Relyn. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your daughter's leg is on the mend.

I am grateful for lilacs. I have been putting 2-3 vases of them in my room every other day and they smell so marvelous. (I hated to pick them, but my dad told me that they grow better when they're pruned each year, so now I just try to alternate where I pick each vase-full from, and thank them and enjoy them heartily.)

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