Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a (very late) New Year's Letter to Me

I've posted this image before, but it is one of my favorites. 

I had intended to post this back in early January, but it somehow got missed.  As summer school ends tomorrow and a new school year begins in 5 weeks, it feels a bit like a new year to me.  Late or not, I thought it was worth posting.  Take care, friends.

Dear Relyn,

It feels a little strange to sit here writing while my students write their own letters.  Usually I roam the room helping, correcting, answering, encouraging.  Today, I told them that I would be writing with them.  (Which they loved, by the way.)  I have the big picture up on the smart board that I made for the blog.  They keep looking at it.  And looking at it.  It blows their minds to think, to realize, that they have a say in who they will become.  I can see it in their faces, in the concentration on their faces - they feel powerful.  Maybe more powerful than they've ever been.  And, it's so true - we are in charge of who we become.  It's the first time most of them have ever had that thought.  It absolutely stuns them. 

Really, it blows my mind too.  Think of it - I am an adult, but I am not grown.  I am not finished.  In fact, I am only beginning.  I have so much more becoming to do.  So much more.  It strikes me that my becoming is tied directly to my choices.  How often do I remember that fact?  How often do I make choices that lead me in the direction of growth instead of sticking tight to the path of habits I might have outgrown?  What do I want to change about my life?  I think I must start by changing my choices. 

Happy New Year, Relyn.  I hope this time next year, you will find yourself different, in all the right ways.

Are you all making new choices?  Tell me about them.


Jeanne said...

Fabulous. I enjoy so very much your postings.
Blessings my friend

Hindsfeet said...

wow Relyn......I just read this post after posting mine tongiht.....and my jaw dropped at the synchronicity.....I think you'll dig it too......

...thanks for this.....yeah....different choices.....thanks for this, Relyn.....

Liz ~*

Mrs. E said...

I love this! You & I are so similar. My students love when I write--and share it with them, too. One of my favorite ways to begin the year is with the song "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. "Fifteen...there's never a wish better than this, when you only have 100 years to live." It makes them realize that they have control of their lives--and that is power. Great post!

miruspeg said...

Very powerful post Relyn. I wonder what I would have written as a child or teenager? I wish I was asked by my teacher.

I do feel very powerful now though, as I live my life, making new choices when I see/feel the need.

You are a wonderful teacher my friend, stunning your children, expanding their minds.

Keep shining.
Peggy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Your pupils are very lucky indeed to have you for a teacher! A great idea. I am just trying to choose to be positive in how I view the world, from hour to hour and day to day. Not that things are badly wrong, but for some reason I have been very aware of the fact that my outlook is largely a choice.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"I have so much more becoming to do." I'm in the same boat.
This is a great writing subject for your students!
Glad you posted your letter-- it's a good reminder to us all.
xo jj

Jeanie said...

Could anyone have written more thoughtful and perfect words? These resonate so deeply. Thank you.

Marilyn Miller said...

You are such a special teacher, Relyn. What a lasting impression this assignment with have on each of them. I love your letter too. Choices is a good question. In a conversation with a friend a little older than myself we both said as we age choices become more important than ever. We choose to let things, or even someone we have known, go that don't make us happy and satisfy our souls. I believe that is a choice we all must come to at some time in our lives, but as we realize life is getting shorter for us this becomes even more important.

Alysa P. said...

" becoming is tied directly to my choices. How often do I remember that fact? How often do I make choices that lead me in the direction of growth instead of sticking tight to the path of habits I might have outgrown?" SPOT ON! Thanks for sharing this. It was really meaningful for me today.

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