Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Faves

freckles on her nose, Sloane on Father's Day

* Quote of the Week: "Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent." ~ Steve Martin

* Blogspiration: Plan Some Summer Fun with Apartment Therapy

* Song of the Week: A Prayer for Grace album by Morgan Harper Nichols

* Images of the Week: Magenta on Flickr by Gray Days and Coffee

* A Poem of a Post: The Memory of Worn Things by Christine Hiester

* In Case You Missed It: Something Cheering

* To Make You Think: Eliminating Unnecessary Decisions from One Little Minutes

* Some Things I Love: Jeffrey, Jane Austen, audiobooks, Amazon Prime, rainy mornings, lots of white molding, glass doorknobs, Anthropologie windows, paper lanterns, home libraries, composition notebooks, the fact that today is the last day of summer school

Happy weekend, friends.


Marilyn Miller said...

Following Magenta now. What do you love about Amazon Prime? Love Anthropologie windows for sure. Wonderful about the end of summer school, enjoy summer! Love the photo of Sloane.

Mrs. E said...
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Mrs. E said...

I always love what you share! Worn things was wonderful--and that Cheering Post...! I think your beautiful, freckled (that's where the sun kissed her!) girl had the last say. "Living well is truly the best revenge!"
Happy Weekend!

cristie said...

I love your thankful heart. xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh Relyn:)
I love your Sloane; remembering this post pricks my heart
and makes me glad again for kids with the courage to be kind.
It's powerful stuff, kindness.
Thanks for all of this beauty (a poem of a post...brilliant)
Love and happy summering,

A Cuban In London said...

I thought I was the only person who loved rainy mornings (even when I'm out cycling!). I also love thunderstorms.

Greetings from London.

rhayne said...

I love your list of loves.
And I love you!


GraceGal said...

Always love your favorites!

Kirsten Steen said...

Just checking in to find out how Relyn is! Looks like you may be on summer holiday. Will look forward to your return! Happy summer to you!

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