Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Would You Please Join Me in Welcoming...

I have no idea how many times I have given that particular introduction for my daughter, Sloane. Since she was a tiny thing we have held fashion shows to model any new clothes for her Daddy and Bapak (my Dad). Over the past handful of years, my mother or I have made many such announcements in our best ringmaster voices. We have incredible and amazing livingroom shows featuring new gymnastics routines, art shows, even special dramatic performances, complete with costumes. The list is long.

Isn't it fun to share life with a little one? Their joy has way of making even the smallest things an occasion. And, think about it - a pretty new dress is worth announcing and admiring. A creative effort does deserve the applause of those who love you.

So tonight, in honor of my daughter, I am going to celebrate a few small joys and creative endeavors of my own. I hope my short and simple list will inspire you to celebrate your own life and the lives of those you love.
  1. The weather today was perfect. As I drove from errand to errand, I had all the windows down and the radio blasting. I sang along and did a shimmying seat dance or two. When other drivers gave me funny looks, I just grinned and waved.

  2. The weekend is almost over and my house is neat and tidy. The laundry is sorted, sprayed, and ready to wash.

  3. My husband, Jeffrey, recently finished reading By the Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischman aloud to Sloane and I. That was several hours of pure pleasure. What a lot of laughs!

  4. My friend, Katie, made a gorgeous name sign for me because I admired one she had made for someone else.

  5. I have a swingy, new, springish hair cut that mysteriously makes my hair look shiny.

  6. I am just about finished and ready to publish my first ever blog post. Yeah, me!!

Send me your list, if you like. I would love to celebrate with you. Yeah, you!!

Sursum Corda!
I just love vintage circus pictures. The one in this post is an old advertisement.


Gigi said...

I can't leave it comment-less, I just can't! Forgive me if this is too audacious of me, Relyn, but I'll answer your question here. I named my own blog The Magpie's Fancy because I have always felt a kinship with magpies and crows and other birds that gather shiny, sparkling things. I wrote about this on my own first blog post, too. I am drawn to things that shine from within, including friends. When I started my blog I was just emerging from a difficult time in my life and I needed a place to go that was completely and utterly mine. I've been writing and publishing and teaching writing for 20 years, but this was different--this was magic. Little did I know that blogging would open my world up in ways I've never experienced before.

I love this, your first post. What a promising beginning, brimming with enthusiasm and passion and, of course, a list!

All best things to you, Relyn. I'll come sit by your fire anytime!

xo Gigi

Lynnelise said...

I love your first post Relyn! In honor of your "How I named my Blog Day", I'm going to comment on your very first post!! I commend you for starting your blog. It is so intimidating looking at the blank screen and trying to come up with something profound to say that will astonish everyone who reads it!!! lol! The title of my Blog "An Altered Life" was a representation of my newfound craft of "altered books" and my life which was greatly altered when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior! I actually started the blog nearly a year before I made my first entry... (**!!) but once I got started a month or 2 ago, I began looking at other blogs and adding all the "bells and whistles" to make my blog uniquely mine. (Thank you, Relyn for allowing me to link to the playlist and the signature features!!! hahaha). Keep up the good work! Lord Bless you!

Patti said...

It's never to late for a blog comment is it?! And look where that one post led to? Who would have guessed...May we have many more years sitting by your fire!

Jaime said...

This is truly wonderful...even in your very first post ever, you were writing with a heart full of gratitude, and you have never drifted away from this. This is what I love so much about you and your fireside...the way you make every little thing very precious.
You, sweet Relyn, are so very precious.


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