Monday, March 17, 2008

What I'm Really Good At...

You know how we all have things we are really good at? Well, I am good at fun. That's it. Just fun. That's my skill, my number one talent, the main thing I am really gifted in. I can have fun with anybody doing almost anything. If fun is on the menu, you can bet I'm gonna love it.

Funny how the act of writing brings self-knowledge. As I try to describe what I am good at for you, I realize that my talent is not just fun, but also enthusiasm. I have a great enthusiasm for life and for experiences, which makes me good at fun. Whatever it is, I jump in wholeheartedly.

However, I also have enthusiasm for you. You know, you - the people with whom my life intersects. I just love people, their stories, their experiences, their opinions, their animated faces... just people. This love gives me great joy and pleasure in daily life.

I have been trying to find words to explain how this "talent" works. (See, there I go - belittling a talent, hesitating to call it that.) This is what I could come up with:
  • I believe that everyone has a story - an interesting story.
  • I believe that when we pay attention, we will find that the world is full of remarkable, magical people.
  • I believe that when you learn how to really look, and really listen, you will find that so much of what fills your daily life is so interesting.
  • I believe that the retelling of a child's recent dream is as worthy of real attention and interest as a heated discussion between political candidates.
  • I believe fourth grade recess play is funnier than a Seinfeld episode.
  • I believe that talking to your passengers is more important that finding a better song on the radio.
  • I believe that experiences are worth more than things.
Don't get me wrong, I love music and movies, too. It's just that I know that people are more important and more interesting. In fact, if I love a movie or book you can bet the reason is that the characters are quirky, interesting, and feel like friends.

Speaking of people being important.... My daughter is waiting (not very patiently) for me to come play Go Fish. After that, I think I'll suggest we spend some time coloring while we sing along with the Grease soundtrack.

The amazing photo above is from this blog.

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