Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why Is It Embarassing?

Have you ever noticed how most women have such a difficult time acknowledging their talents and strengths? I bet that if you were to ask a woman what she was good at, she would likely look very confused, then hem and haw around before finally coming out with something pretty innocuous. What is it about our culture that makes women feel embarrassed to admit what we are good at? Why is it difficult for us to own up to our talents and name the ways in which we are excellent?

Mother Teresa said, "Be the change you would like to see in the world." Well, I am trying - one child... one friend at a time. When an appropriate moment arises, I try to ask people what they are really good at, or what their great talents are. Something amazing happens when a person answers the question from their heart. I love to watch their face as they tell me the ways that they are excellent, the thing about themselves that they really like. The answers are almost always surprising. I frequently ask my students what they are good at. Then, I ask them, "OK. So, what are you great at?" This is tougher, but you should see their smiles when they finally admit it. Amazing - the pride they feel to say it out-loud and have someone hear them.

Go ahead. Try answering the question yourself. It's not as difficult as you might think. "I'm really good at __________________." See? Not so bad. Maybe you want to ask a friend the same question today. If you do, will you tell me their response? Don't forget to watch their face.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what I am really good at. For now...
Sursum Corda!

This slightly befuddled girl comes from one of my favorite children's books by an artist whose work I absolutely adore.


Dulcy said...

Well, I know LOTS of things you're really good at. Like making other people feel loved and fabulous. I think I'm really good at some things you're already familiar with. But did you know that I'm a really good swimmer?! And on a day like today, that's a pretty handy quality to have!
Love ya!!!

Relyn said...

Well, thank you. I didn't know you were a really good swimmer. But, it makes sense with having a pool growing up. I wish I were a good swimmer, especially today. ha I really do want to swim well. I am thinking about asking Sloane’s teacher about private lessons. They would have to be private. Too embarrassing to learn to swim with 6-10 year olds. For them, too. Not just for me. My Spring Break is wonderful so far. Yours too, I hope. Love you.

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