Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Woman Blessed

I just have to write about my daughter tonight. Something happened yesterday, and it has been on my mind ever since.

My parents were coming over for dinner last night before we went to a production of Harvey at the high school where Jeffrey teaches. Earlier that day Sloane and I had rearranged her bedroom, played a lot, and dragged out all her warmer weather clothes. Her room was a mess, and we had about an hour to get it clean and organized. Sunday was going to be a busy day with no real time at home. So, no shutting the door and naming it “Off Limits” till tomorrow. My mother’s house is always perfect, so her visits are great motivation to have my own house neat and organized and as charming as possible. Needless to say, I was feeling a little self-imposed pressure.

There I was, stressing over problems that existed mostly in my own mind. (I’m afraid I do that a lot.) My mother does not care if my house is perfect. My daughter just wants to be with her Momma. But, stressed I was and growing irritable. Sloane said something innocent that struck me wrong. She asked me why I was in her room anyway when she had a “Private” sign on the door. She was only teasing and I knew it, but I answered before I thought of her precious feelings.

I told her that I thought Private signs were kind of rude and… Before I could say anything else I saw Sloane’s face change. She was horrified. Not because her Momma had just criticized her, but because she had been rude. She walked right over to the door and gently pulled that sign down. I felt terrible and humbled at the same time. I quickly tried to explain and to make her feel better.

The thing is, I really do think Private signs are kind of rude. Sloane had made hers when an older friend was over to play. This friend introduced her to the idea, and Sloane thought the sign would be fun and grown up; like Hailey. Instead of talking to Sloane about the sign, I let it slide. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. I didn’t want to rob her of her fun.
Shame on me for becoming too distracted with trivial things to speak gently to my little one. My love. I held Sloane and apologized profusely for speaking unkindly. I explained that I did understand feeling the need for privacy….. Sloane just patted my cheeks and told me, “It’s alright, Momma. Don’t worry. Do you think I could sit at my desk and make a new sign? Don’t look till it’s finished.”

Sloane went to her Daddy for help with the spelling. She spent nearly an hour trying to get her new door sign just right. Since she wanted the sign to appeal to both boys and girls, she added four-leaf clovers and a rainbow to the flowers and butterfly.

Here’s the sign.

I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter.

By the way, my mother never disappoints. I hadn't had a chance to tell Mom any of this. What do you bet the first thing she said was? “Oh, Sloane, I just love your door sign. Most kids have Private or Keep Out signs, but yours is so welcoming. Thank you. It makes me just want to sit right down in your room for a nice long visit.”

That’s my Mom.

That’s my daughter.

Aren’t I a woman blessed?


Anonymous said...

She does teach us everyday. It is so easy to see the heart of God in a child. Thank God for the sweet gift of this blessed child.

Relyn's Husband

studio wellspring said...

oh my, here i sit, drinking my morning cup of tea and discovering a brand new nice blog {yours} and only a couple posts in, i'm already tearing up at my desk! what an adorable post and what an incredible daughter you have. thanks so much for sharing this!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That is beautiful, Sloane has such a generous heart and precious spirit. It is so easy to see God living in her. Today she was so happy to see me that she climbed up on the stair railing to hug me on the other side. Her smile was so authentic that I couldn't resist her and I scooped her up regardless of anyone else's concern. I LOVE all of team Lawson, but she has stolen both mine and Mark's heart and I am going to let her keep them. Forever. Love You, Katie

Elyse said...

It's so nice to hear the stories behind things you overlook. This is one of them. How wonderful! Sloane is delightful.

Oldies, but Goodies