Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Things Thursday, Week 3

This week's Good Thing comes from a book by Dena called Embellish Your Home. Many of the designs in the book are too frou-frou for me, but I love this little Scottie dog. All of Dena's ideas are easy to create and even easier to adapt to simpler tastes. My favorite idea was the fleece hot-water bottle cover. I may have fallen in love with it because I discovered it while my daughter was terribly sick with the flu. Boy, she would have loved something so cozy to snuggle with. Below is the page of instructions, scanned directly from Dena's book. I made the pictures as large as I could, but I know the instructions are still too small to read. If you like, feel free to leave a comment and I will email the pages to you. Or, you can buy her book here.

I found another version of a hot-water bottle cover in a book by Jemima Mills. From a House to a Home is full of wonderful ideas and helpful advice creating a home and living with family. Jemima Mills makes me think of one of my favorite sayings, "The work of home is love made visible." I would love to know who said it; where I first heard it. Those words have resonated with me ever since I had a child of my own. The ideas in From a House to a Home make the homemaking seem less like drudgery and more like love. Her ideas give home life a little more sparkle and pizazz, and a lot more organization. I really loved her ideas for taking care of a sick child. Actually, I just love this book. You can buy it here. See below for her version of a hot-water bottle cover. This version is one even your son or husband might be willing to snuggle up with.

Sursum corda!

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tangobaby said...

I got a D in sewing and I don't have a hot water bottle, but that Scottie dog is very cute!

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