Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy

My love has a birthday today. This post is about him.

There are so many reasons why I love my husband. I have tried to write the perfect post about Jeffrey for several days now. I have found, once again, that words fail me. They always do when it comes to expressing this immense ocean of love that I dwell in. There are no words for all that I carry in my heart.

Instead, I offer a few images that I hope will reflect even the tiniest corner of love that fills my heart. With these pictures, maybe the reader will know even a little of why I smile, why I sing, why I am a woman full of joy. It is because God gave Jeffrey to me.

Jeffrey, I love you because....
After nearly 16 years of marriage, you still look at me with this much love in your eyes.

You are this kind of father to Sloane.
You know just how to make both of us laugh, and you know when we most need it.

Daydreaming about you still makes me feel like I am inside a kaleidoscope.

Just like in the movies, I saw stars when we first kissed. I still do.

Your love is constant, unchanging, and beautiful; even when I am moody, irritable, and crabby.

There is no one I would rather walk through this life hand in hand with. Wherever you go, I'll go there with you.
Happy birthday, my love!

I did not take all the pictures used in this post. My sincere thanks for the wonderful images and apologies to the photographer for not giving credit.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, love of my life!

Do you remember the first time you celebrated my birthday in your appartment at UTC? You had on the most gorgeous royal blue dress. I loved that dress, or more accurately, you in it. the menu was Chicken and chipped beef, rolls, and pinapple. You gave me that blue Bible. We went to see "The Little Mermaid" at the $0.99 theater after. Getting to know you was so much fun and so wonderful. Loving you exceeds every dream I have ever had.

Relyn's Husband

Something White said...

It's a very beautiful testimony of love which you give here, both you and your husband! Yes, he seems to be a very kind and smiling person when I look at his picture. I think one can see on someone's face if the person has a good heart...
Happy birthday and congratulations! Love, Marjolijn

tangobaby said...

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey! Wishing you a year of wishes that come true, and lots of love with Relyn and Sloane.

Relyn said...


Your memories make me grin in mild embarrassment. They are good memories, even if they do remind me of how young we were. I know I was only 19, but Little Mermaid? What was I thinking?? Tell me I changed out of that dress. I remember thinking that I was really doing it up big for you, too. I am so glad for all the birthdays we have shared since. I love you.

Marjolijn & Tangobaby,

Thank you for your good wishes and kind words. Thank you for your friendship and for sharing a little corner of my world. I truly am a blessed woman.

Oldies, but Goodies