Saturday, May 31, 2008

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Bouquet (for Jeffrey, from me)
Between me and the world
You are a bay, a sail
The faithful ends of a rope
You are a fountain, a wind
A shrill childhood cry

Between me and the world
You are a picture frame, a window
A field covered with wild flowers
You are a breath, a bed
A night that keeps the stars company

Between me and the world
You are a calendar, a compass
A ray of light that slips through the gloom
You are a biographical sketch, a bookmark
A preface that comes at the end

Between me and the world
You are a gauze curtain, a mist
A lamp shining into my dreams
You are a bamboo flute, a song without words
A closed eyelid carved in stone

Between me and the world
You are a chasm, a pool
An abyss plunging down
You are a balustrade, a wall
A shield’s eternal pattern
~ Bei DaoTranslated from the Chinese by Bonnie S.

And a bouquet of love and appreciation to each of you, dear fireside-sitters. May your weekend be full of love, laughter, and a night that keeps the stars company.

The photo above was taken by my stylish and gorgeous friend, Mandy Kitchen. We were on the lawn of my favorite almost-local destination, the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wrote once before about Jeffrey and I and fairy tales. For now, let me just say that fairy tales do come true. Today Jeffrey and I celebrate 16 years of marriage. We do thank God every day for the beautiful life we've been given.


The Feathered Nest said...

Happy Anniversary Relyn!!! I'm so very happy for you and your husband and wish you many more years of living and loving each other ~ xxoo, Dawn

Dulcy said...

Love the photo!


fated follies studio said...

congrats on 16 years. it is so sweet. God is so good. i believe in fairy tales, so to speak. i'm glad that you have one.


Relyn said...

Thank you, friends for your well wishes. Isn't it wonderful the way blogs make friends of strangers and simple words can lift a heart and bring a smile? Thank you for each of your blogs, your talents that insprire, and your kind words. xoxox

dutchbaby said...

I'm with you that straw bags have a way of announcing that summer is here! I buy most of my purses at Loehmann’s. I don’t know if you have one in the Ozarks, but it’s a great place to pick up bargains. I, too, carry a pencil case (blue mesh, probably the baby sister of your techy toys bag),techno nerd toys, lipstick, wallet, and gum in a special tin box. You’ve inspired me to do my own post with more details, now that I’m a newborn blogger. Thanks for the inspiration, Relyn! And thank you very much for taking the leap of faith and adding me to your blogroll before I’m a proven entity!

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