Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Corners of My Home

Flickr has a wonderful group photo pool called Corners of My Home. It's a lot of fun to browse around in, and it gave me the idea for this post. I thought you might like to see a few of the corners of my home; specifically where all my lovely peonies ended up.

This is our mantle. The collage in the white frame was a gift to Jeffrey from his last class of journalism students.
A detail of our mantle. Can you tell I love white? You can't really tell, but our walls are the palest, prettiest green. The color is called spring willow.
This shelf is in our entry hall across from the table below.
I collect antique linens and Myrtle Reed books.

This is the side table between two arm chairs in our living room.

We have a computer armoire in a small, odd space near the kitchen. This is the top of it. I really love glass and crystal.

This shelf is in the hall outside Sloane's bedroom.

This is the top of Sloane's dresser. The walls of her room are a very pale baby blush pink.
This is Sloane's bed just aften she woke up this morning. The women of Team Lawson really love purple.

This is a corner of Sloane's bedroom near her bookcase.
This is our bedroom. You can see part of our wonderful, nickle bed. I longed for this bed for years, but knew we could never buy it. My parents gave it to me to celebrate earning my Masters in Education. This room is full of all the black and white art photography I collect. The walls are a pale, pale blue in the same tone as the green of the public areas.

Here's a corner of our art books bookshelf. This is along a small wall in our bedroom between the closet and bathroom doors. I watched the old bottle in the picture for weeks before I was willing to spend the $20 for it. I am so glad I did, because I really love it. The print above the bookshelf is huge. It is a sreen printing of a stone cemetery angel.

Well, there you have it, all the home-things I love: white candles, books, flowers, crystal, glass, lace, pretty carpets, floral prints, curvy wrought iron, black and white photography, and pale, pretty colors. I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of our little enchanted cottage.

Sursum corda. Lift up your heart.

Oh how I wish I knew how to take great indoor photos. I just can't figure out the lighting thing. I even had Jeffrey holding lamps and white posterboard to try to help with the lighting. Oh, well. Hope you enjoyed them in spite of the poor lighting.


Beth said...

I love getting a glimpse into other people's homes. Your photos are beautiful....and I think the lighing was really good. The only time I really love my lighting is on a sunny day and then I get all sorts of shadows and unexpected colors.

maddie said...

your photos are glorious ~ as is
your home with all those delicious
corners ~ i would love to visit
and curl up with those books:)

susanna said...

Ooooh...I always love peaking into someone's house and seeing how they've decorated. So many great ideas...
Those peonies are gorgeous! Are they from your garden? And I like the palest green colour on your walls. I lerv green! And what a lovely congratulatory gift from your parents. That bed frame would be something I'd long for, too!

phenomemom said...

The photos are beautiful; are you kidding??

I love everything about your blog, by the way. I love the colors and the Louis Armstrong and how joyous and positive and lovely you sound.

And I especially love the Saggy Baggy Elephant.

Have a great weekend!


studio wellspring said...

yay ~ i love all the corners of your home....thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Relyn said...

Dear, lovely Fireside Sitters,

Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments. I find them so encouraging. Thank you for visiting and for commenting. You make my day. Blessings and a lovely weekend to you all.

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