Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Things Thursday, Week 6

I find our world to be full of so many amazing, beautiful, good things. There are incredibly talented artists, generous people, amazing projects, incredible parenting, beauty abounding, helpful products, and on and on. The idea of Good Things Thursday is to pass along information about the good things I have discovered. This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts. Ever. (Please remember that ever is only about 4 months. I didn't discover blogs until then.) So, for your viewing/reading pleasure.... some good things for you.

~ I love Tangobaby. She is funny and passionate, well informed and wise. I had to use two of her posts. This one, for obvious reasons. This one, because I love fairy tales. It represents only one facet of her blog, though. Pull up a chair and spend some time. You won't regret it.

~ Studio wellspring is a real southern belle. Her graciousness shimmers in her words, her sweet spirit, her insights. Read this post. Choose your favorite. Then, read the comments.

~ It was Persisting Star's joy-giving blog that inspired me to start blogging. I wanted to be a joy-spreader, too. Maddie's style of living inspires me to live a better, more generous, more beautiful life. I picked this post because I think it is representative of her gorgeous spirit..

~ Hula 70 is a woman of many, many talents. Stay and poke around for a while. You will leave brimming with ideas and inspiration. I chose this particular post because I am a list lover and this is probably the best list I have ever read.

~ Ragamuffin Gal really knows how to be a friend. She is also wildly creative and generous. Check out this awesome idea.

~ In the Land of the Lovelies is a relatively new discovery for me. I knew I had met a kindred spirit when I saw this post. How can one woman write a single sentence that completely captures a mother's love?

~ Blue Yonder is part of my daily dose. I love her writing, her insights, her wise parenting. I absolutely love this post because it is full of amazing, creative ideas. It also demonstrates what a terrific parent and teacher she is. I am a teacher in an incredible school district, and I have received a lot of professional development. I know a good bit about the way brains learn best. Let me tell you, Blue Yonder gets it exactly right.

~ Sally Jean makes the best "Pretty Little Things". She also has a wonderful blog. I look forward every month to her list of things to do. I love them all, but this one really cheered my long, long February.

~ Since I am hoping you will share your own favorite posts with me, I figured I should share mine with you. Of my own posts, I have to say that this one is my favorite. I love it because it really reflects who I am.

Oh, I could keep going. There are so many amazing bloggers that I may have to do this again in a month or two. What are your favorite posts? Would you tell me your own and one from someone else? Please won't you send me a link or two?

Happy blogging. Sursum corda!


robin bird said...

i have, of late been reveling in the inspiration i receive from my blogging friends. what a wonderful way you have decided to honor them. it is a great idea :) what i see in the list are some that i love as well :) i must return and visit some of those that are not known to me soon! thanks for visiting me at tweets and your lovely comment. i smiled a the idea of eating the same favored meal 3 days a week since i too ma fond of doing that once i find something i enjoy :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

Kirsten Michelle said...

there aren't words to describe all the goodness this amazing community has brought to my life.
to find myself listed here, amongst so many talented and inspiring lovelies, is an extraordinary honour.
yo-yo ma is playing on your playlist as i type this and my heart is full.
love and blessings to you, beautiful.
keep the good things flowing...

tangobaby said...

Sweet Relyn,

thank you SO much for the glowing recommendation and praise! You have such a big, generous heart and I'm glad we've found each other.

I look forward to exploring all of the other lovely links you've provided. I'm sure they're all as wonderful as you are.

have a lovely weekend. I send you a big hug from San Francisco.

(((Relyn))) <- that is a hug.

Scribbit said...

Now I have to go Google sursum corda. I'm curious.

Jessica said...

Hummm, there are so many fantastic blog posts I have read recently- I really enjoyed your post from Tuesday and Soulemama's post on ten things she was loving last friday. For me- I think my favorite post was the one I wrote today! Happy Friday!

studio wellspring said...

what a gift you are! thanks so much for adding my lil' corner on the blogblock to your list. there are days when i truly don't know what i'd do without blogging. it brings so much joy and inspiration and knowledge to my life that i wouldn't have otherwise ~ plus getting to know so many wonderfullly talented people from all over the world is a delight that makes my heart overflow! thanks so much for being a shining star amongst them, i'm so grateful for you & your wonderful blog!

Relyn said...

As I sit down to write back to all your lovely comments, I find myself just grinning and giving myself a little hug. Being here on the comments page with each of you is like having a dream tea party.

I mean that. Each of you ladies who took the time to comment on this post all feel like kindred spirits. Whenever I read your blogs (and I do mean you 6 in particular)I feel like shouting, "Hello, friend. Me, too. Me, too!" Today, I feel I am in such good company. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your creative, beautiful selves with the world on your blogs. Thank you for taking time to connect here on mine. Just, thank you. Happy, happy weekend. xoxo

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