Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feels Like Summertime

I spent hours on Flickr today learning how to create mosaics and playing around to get this one just right. I love the way it turned out. For me, it captures all the lovely, happy, joyful exuberance of June.

And, oh! It was fun!

Sursum corda! Lift up your heart!
Click here for photo credits. I think you will enjoy discovering all the wonderful new photographers featured here.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Beautiful creation Gal!!! Love it! Blessings, Katie

tangobaby said...

OMG. Flickr is already such a black hole for me. But I can tell I really would have a field day with mosaics! I love yours. It's so colorful, just like you are.

studio wellspring said...

yay ~ i heart summer soooo much! and your flickr collage is absolutely delightful! xxoo ~a

Jessica said...

I really enjoy your flickr mosaic! It really does show exactly what June is! I haven't really gotten into flickr yet...fearing if I do I'll never turn back.

Beth said...

I love this mosaic...and I love flickr....now you make me want to learn how to make one of those.

Where can I get a few more hours in my day....oh I know...send the kids to camp, which I did....so maybe tomorrow with rain in the forecast, I'll go visit flickr and see what I can come up with !!

Jaime said...

The bright cheery colours in this mosaic are just what I needed! It has been so cold and dark and rainy here for almost all of June.
Thank you for bringing a little bit of sunshine into my day today.

Relyn said...

Thank you all, dear ones, for your lovely comments. Flickr is dangerous. I have spent many happy hours lost in Flickrland.

For those of you wanting to create a mosaic of your own, this is how I did it.

1. Have a Flickr account.

2. Visit bighugelabs.com & set up an account. It's easy. Be sure to give Flickr permission when you set it up.

3. Choose mosaics and get busy playing. I pasted the URLs, but you can do it many ways. Another thing, I did 4x4 with big center and 7 pixels between.

Such fun!! I can't wait to see yours. Won't you please stop by here and let me know when you make one? Happy creating. ~ R

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