Thursday, June 12, 2008

Showers of Blessings

Monday was my day to be surprised by showers of blessings. It was just an amazing day!!

I woke up and, as is my new habit, turned on the computer first thing. Because I did, I began my day with this happy news. Imagine that! I never win. When I say never, I mean that literally. I don't even win door prizes. I don't win the prizes at Bunco. I never win. Until Monday, that is!! When my package arrives I will post pictures of my lovely first prize from the ever-talented Dawn of The Feathered Nest. Until then, click here to see what I won.

My day kept getting better. I met a girlfriend for an early lunch at our favorite tearoom. We sat and talked and talked and talked while enjoying amazing chicken salad sandwiches and pieces of to-die-for four layer chocolate cake. Then, we spent hours poking around tiny gift shops; still talking and talking. That's not the best part. The best part is that we have a standing date for a girlfriend day every Monday all summer long. To say I am thrilled is not an overstatement. (Can you tell we are both teachers and therefore have the time for this?)

When I got home from my day with Krista, my lovely family was waiting for me with hugs and kisses and stories of their day. We talked a lot and then spent a good bit of time snuggled up listening to Daddy read The Hobbit aloud before bedtime. Then, as a lovely end to a fantastic day, I heard from my dear friend, Tangobaby. She graciously gave me a this award. I am still feeling giddy, let me tell you.

I still smile as I think that a woman like Tangobaby enjoys my blog. Yes, I know we are friends, so I should know that. But still... she is so smart and articulate and talented. Tangobaby is interested in so many things. Reading her blog always teaches me something, makes me think. She has the gift that all teachers need, to challenge someone and make them laugh at the same time. If you couldn't tell already, I would give Tangobaby this award back if I could. She's that wonderful.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you already know how awed I am by all the talent in the blogosphere. The world is full of so many talented women with generous, loving hearts. I feel so excited that I get to pass along information about a few of those ladies. (With apologies to all the talented blogging men I'm sure are out there. I just haven't come across you yet. Give me a shout so I can discover you, why don't you?) Since Monday I have been thinking of my own magic five. In no particular order, these are the blogs that make my day:

My Castle in Spain Lala always indicates when the photos are by "your devoted blogging hostess." That's a perfect description of how her blog feels - like a lovely afternoon with a devoted hostess. Lala lives in the south of Granada in Andalusia  She shares lovely images and delightful peeks into her daily life. Lala makes me want to update my passport and jump a plane today.

Persisting Stars Maddie has a romantic heart, and it shows up in everything she does: her inspiring words, her dreamy photography, the thoughtful links at the end of her posts, even her blogroll. Maddie makes me want to don a pair of pink Chuck Taylors, grab a handful of balloons, and race along the sand before letting the balloons go and watching them float away.

Ragamuffin Gal Katie is one talented woman and an amazing friend. She is a paper artist whose generosity has filled my home with art. Her blog sometimes features her creations, which is a treat. What it always features is her generous spirit and loving heart, which will brighten any day. Katie's blog and her life makes me want to try new things. She has lead the way in many of my own new ventures - even this blog.

Studio Wellspring Studio Wellspring is one of those people who combine passion and and gentleness into the most pleasing mixes. She is a designer and dancer. She is also a perfect example of how to be a lady. Does that sound too trite? I hope not. It's just that the art of being a lady seems to be disappearing from our modern hurry-hurry world. Studio Wellspring is like a cool hand on a fevered brow, the offer of a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. She reminds me of my mother. (That is a high compliment, indeed.) Studio Wellspring makes me want to create a more beautiful life for my family; not only in how our home looks, but in how I honor them.

Something White When I visit this blog I always come away inspired, delighted, and a little bit awed. How does she take such amazing interior photographs? Something White is a blog full of home inspiration. What is amazing is that all of this beauty is created by one woman, in one home. M. makes me want to create more beauty in my home and learn how to photograph it.
Isn't this a wonderful world we live in? Thank you all for reading this blog. Thank you for the inspiration your blogs and lives provide me. Life really is one shower of blessing after another.

Sursum corda. Lift up your heart.

You can click here to discover more work by the artist/ photographer who took the picture above of the adorable child. The other two images came from my creative friend, Katie's inspiring blog. You can see them in their original context, here. For you award winners, click here for a great description of the award rules.


maddie said...

wow ~ i love the feathered nest blog
and i am so thrilled for you winning!

well you win a big hug and smile
from me for choosing me ~ and
i feel sheepish saying this ~
but it made me feel incredible
~ and i may use your write up
if it's ok for a testimonial

thank you so much!

now i am off to check out your
other choice blogs:)


tangobaby said...

Hi sweet Relyn,

My goodness, you are too kind. I think we learn and appreciate from each other. Certainly I am a regular visitor to your "home" because I love the world you present to me and how you see things through your special Relyn Prism.

I'm glad you won something in a contest! I'm like you, I never win anything at all! So you've won one for all of us who try and don't get lucky.

Enjoy your prizes and tributes, my friend. All are well-deserved.


studio wellspring said...

what a blessing to discover the honor you have given me. thank you so much, darling heart. and i can't wait to get to know the bloggers whose fabulous company you've included me in. much love to you! ~ anjie

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am choked up from your beautifully crafted words. You bless my life and soul in so many wonderful ways ~ thank you for thinking of me in this affirming way! I cannot wait until our Tuesday date. Love you dearly, Katie

Something White said...

Thank you so much, dear Relyn, for mentionning my humble home and myself! You're a person who brings a lot of sunshine into other people's lifes by being YOU and having such an openminded view on many things and a big heart where everyone can find a shelter!
By the way I'd like to answer on one of your last questions: no, I'm not on Flickr, but I've tried once to make an account there and it failed (don't know why). But I'm participating in a group of ladies who share their homes and interiors online on PICASA/Google (click) and we meet online on a forum/panel.
I'll surely visit all the blogs your recommended, but it will take some days. My husband was a bit anxious about me and especially about our home, since I spend a lot of time (too much) on internet and on all those lovely blogs. I've to take care not to leave my dear folks in this way! :D
Have a good weekend, Relyn, and thanks again for your kind thoughts and words.
Love, Marjolijn

My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Relyn,

i'm all smile! Thank you for your so sweet words. and please...update your passport and hop on a plane!!!

Have a lovely week end and enjoy your much deserved prize!

susanna said...

You HAVE had a really great day! Congratulation on both awards. I think you are the perfect recipient for the Feathered Nest prize. It's so you!
Get-togethers with girlfriends is always nice - and lucky you to have it become a Monday summer ritual.
And congratulations to those blogs you have awarded the You Make My Day Awards to. Maddie is a very sweet person through-and-through. I hadn't "met" the other bloggers before so thank you for the links.

The Feathered Nest said...

You are such a sweetie, Relyn!! I finally made it to the post office Friday so your package should arrive very soon, I'm so sorry it took me so long...had too many projects going on at the same time!!! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend ~ xxoo, Dawn

robin bird said...

oh just look how happy you made so many other blogging girls with your heartfelt post!! this was a post i could soooo relate to :) even the winning something part.. i never won one single thing until i won something from another persons blog. it was a delightful experience!

the girlfriend thing of a weekly day out would make me happy beyond belief. i do have a photography date this friday and another farmer's market breakfast date on saturday. honestly i could so it every day though ;) your description of your time with your family just made this post perfect for me.
btw... i jumped right in to this particular post because of that amazing photograph..I love it!
and thank you very much for visiting me too relyn!

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