Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Things Thursday, Week 10

This week's good thing is inspired by a post at Turkey Cookies. Jessica got me thinking about lounge pants and how much I love them. I have spent many days this summer in lounge pants; quiet, lazy days full of reading, crafting with Sloane, blogging, and not much else. I love lounge pants because you can spend the evening in your pajamas and still look cute enough that your daughter's friend coming over doesn't send you rushing to change clothes. At least, that's the way it is when you have cute lounge pants.

Not only do I love lounge pants, I love creative recycling. Thrift shops (and maybe your own bottom drawers) are full of old sheets. I find that vintage sheets are often full of patterns you would never allow on your bed, but are too nice to toss. Give those sheets a second look because vintage sheets make cheap and adorable yardage for other projects. You could use the yardage to:

  • sew hobo bags

  • sew a funky apron or just add a pocket to a purchased one

  • make a table topper (if you can't sew, just cut in a straight line using pinking sheers or let it fray)

  • wrap bulky gifts (just cut edges with pinking shears, place gift in the middle, gather the fabric hobo bundle style and tie off with ribbons)

  • sew retro looking dresses for the little girl in your life

  • make summer shorts for your little ones

  • create no-sew fabric envelopes

  • if you like the fabric enough you can even use it to sew throw pillows for your sofa

Your turn. What do you think you might create using vintage sheets?

Just in case you are not up for a sewing project, you can purchase the lounge pants featured above here. The wonderful hot pink lounge pants were not made from vintage sheets but from new fabric and the pattern found here. Click here to read about the domestic goddess who sewed them. Click here to discover many more ideas for recycling old sheets.


Dulcy said...

Hi Sweetie!

I downloaded the pattern for making fabric envelopes. This could be a great student/with parent help project. I'll give it a try and see how it works. I save old sheets to throw over plants when frost is a danger (not too interesting). But could make curtains or valance for windows. Could also be insert to jeans that you're changing into a skirt. Well.....there's my contribution!


Jaime said...

I really wish I could sew my own clothes.
Sometimes I just can't find what I am looking for in a store. Sometimes I see something I like, but I don't like the fabric or the colour, etc.

Someday I am just going to have to learn to sew!

studio wellspring said...

they can also make great edging for the hems of pants....i like to spice up my jeans especially this way.

Jessica said...

I love your lounge pants!!! I have spend many long mornings with cups of coffee, lounge pants and a good book- because like is just too sweet that way. There are certainly tons of things to do with vintage sheets. I was gifted a bunch from my grammie-but they are still so wonderful for my bed. Someday I hope to turn them into a quilt!
I'm wishing you mornings this weekend that are just perfect for lounge pants- good times with your family and memory making!!!

Laura said...

I am off to Old Navy to get some lounging pants!!!! Great idea! Then when I come home from work everyday maybe I will put those on, wash and moisturize my face, and be ready for a lovely evening!

My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Relyn,

Bless you for this good things thursday theme! such a great idea and i'm loving it now...

wow..the pink trousers are so cool !
thanks so much for putting a link for the pattern...

i must try !


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